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Poker and life….my toughest subject to write about to date on the Poker Bankroll Blog. Since I am suffering from a complete lack of inspiration on what to write about “Poker and Life”, most likely because a title of that caliber demands some deep philosophical considerations, I think I will start in a small corner of the topic at hand and share some of my thoughts and experiences on how to combine poker and having a girlfriend. Perhaps some deeper thoughts on poker and life will emerge…..we will see.

Here’s the problem (or challenge if you please). The day has 24 hours. Subtract 8 hours of sleep, 8 hours of work, 3 hours to shower, eat, go to the toilet, do chores and other life necessities and you are left with 5 hours of spare time each day. In my case, I want to find the optimal distribution of these 5 hours into spending time with my girlfriend, exercising, hanging out with friends and playing poker/working on the PokerBRB community. Let me tell you it’s a tough job combining poker and life when you want to do it all!

I have found that it is very beneficial for my possiblities of allocating sparetime to playing poker to include my girlfriend in my poker projects. By include I mean spend some of my occasional winnings on flowers, candle light dinners and cinema tickets. By doing this poker is associated with something positive and I almost never get complaints.

I will leave you with a picture of my latest poker bankroll funded gift.

Poker Bankroll gift

I think I will allocate 1 hour of my spare time to play some short stack strategy poker and guess who won’t complain?:-)

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2 Comments to Poker and Life

Arnav Bankroll
August 14, 2008

Just do not waver from your plan and do not take big risks regardless of how soft you think a table is. Arnav Bankroll

Svend Hylleberg
August 15, 2008

or else re-allocate the hours from the top.

Combine the 8 hours of work with full time poker pro which leave you with 8 hours of sleeping, 3 hours showering, 5 hours with the girl with the girl and gues what…8 hours of poker ;)

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