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Why do I like playing poker? Why do I spend several hours each week gazing into a computer screen watching 2 cards being dealt to me and 5 cards being dealt on the table over and over again? Why do I bother keeping detailed records of session times, rebuys and net profits? Why do the 37$ I won during a session yesterday mean more to me than the 200$ I could earn sports-betting in half the time?

I already know the game and most of its aspects after 4 years of online poker, and I’m really not that interested in learning the finer details at the time being. My knowledge is good enough for the low levels I am playing. So where lies the fascination? Where does my motivation come from? Why am I content with grinding low limit tables with my short stack strategy?

I think I have the answer: I am in love with my Poker Bankroll. It’s my precious. My current Poker Bankroll is 191$ and I cherish every single dollar. You know why? Because I earned them myself from scratch by being better than my opponents. I have treated my Poker Bankroll with respect and done my utmost not to lose it when I have taken chances at higher limits. By doing so I have avoided going broke which in turn means that my current Poker Bankroll represents more than 100 hours of my life.

I want my Poker Bankroll to stay alive for a long time to come. Therefore I play as much as I can on limits where I know I can win and with a short stack strategy that I believe is profitable. This way my Poker Bankroll will grow fat and be able to withstand lean periods.

I hope that one day my Poker Bankroll will be able to pay me back for the many hours I have invested in it by paying for buyins to large tournaments, cool electronic gadgets, romantic dinners or even holidays.

We have had a rocky start my Poker Bankroll and I, but things are finally starting to go our way. We have almost 25 buyins to the limit we are playing and can therefore soon boast of practising sensible bankroll management.

I look forward to sharing more stories about my Poker Bankroll in the future.

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August 21, 2008

Poker is such a nice game. i also love playing poker.

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