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Poker networks introduction

This article is a part of the Poker Network series.

This article will give you an overview over the different Poker Networks out there. Many poker rooms share players and tables with other poker rooms because they are on the same poker network. This helps to ensure an adequate number of players and action for all the poker rooms on the same network. These poker rooms are often referred to as “skins”. As a player, you may want to have multiple accounts on the same poker network, through different skins, to take advantage of bonuses and promotions offered by each individual poker room.

Another major difference between the poker networks is whether it is possible to receive rakeback. As you can read in our rakeback articles, the amount you pay in rake is a significant amount if you play more than just a few hours a week.

When choosing a poker network, our suggestion is that you shop around to find the offer that suits you the best. Some decisive factors are:

  • Whether it is possible to receive Rakeback. If you play regularly this could give you an considerable monthly bankroll boost.
  • Good Sign Up Promotion and good loyalty programs available. Some bonus offers are easy to play through and can give a quick boost to you poker bankroll.
  • Good traffic when you normally have your sessions.
  • If you are from the States or like to play against US citizens, you should pick a network that is still open for these players.
  • You should feel comfortable at the table. The can sound lame for some people, but on some networks you just feel more at home. This can have an affect on your game.
  • Whether you want other offers than poker, for example sports betting or blackjack. Not all poker rooms are connected to these offers.
  • Finally the country under which the site operates and has its license can be decisive for your choice. This is especially true for citizens in some EU countries. Income is taxed if the poker site does not have a license in EU. The rules are not clear, so check other forums for information about the rules in your country.

Poker networks overview

An overview of the poker networks currently available can be viewed here. There are other minor sites, but they have very low traffic and thus have not been included in this table. The Poker Networks are ranked after the average amount of players connected.

This article is the first of a series of articles with the aim of giving a better overview of the different places where it is possible to play poker.

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