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This article is a part of the Poker Rakeback series.

Q: What is Rakeback

A: When you play poker for real money the poker rooms take a fee which is normally between 3-5% of each pot you have contributed to. This fee is called “the rake” and while the fee may seem small, the rake can amount from hundreds to thousands of dollars per month for a player who plays a lot. All else equal this means that you will have to have an even higher edge over your competitors to become a profitable poker player. With a rakeback deal your required edge for becoming or staying profitable gets smaller.

Q: How do I get a Rakeback deal?

A: Web sites promoting gambling companies, poker sites including, receive a provision for sending traffic to the gaming site. The provision is a percentage of the rake generated. If you acquire a rakeback deal you will be able to receive a part of this provision every month. You will need to make sure that you are signed up correctly;

Q: Seems like a lot of work to do, why bother?

A: The sign up step only takes 5 minutes. You can start playing instantly, but there is a verification period of 48 hours. This is the time it takes for the rakeback site to make sure that your account is set up correctly at the poker site. It is unfortunate that it is not quicker, but this step is intended for your safety. If something has gone wrong, the rakeback site will contact the poker room and manually adjust your account.

Q: How much can I earn each month on rakeback?

A: This depends mainly on three factors:

  • The number of hours you play.
  • The number of tables you play.
  • The limit you play.
  • Whether you play No Limit or Limit Texas Holdem and whether you play ring games (10 seats) or short handed (5-6 seats).

This table gives a conservative estimate on how much rakeback you will earn per hour per table at different levels.



Ring game

Short handed


No Limit




No Limit




No Limit




No Limit




No Limit




No Limit



If you play limit poker the amount earned per hour is slightly lower.

Q: How can I be sure that I get my money?

A: This is a very relevant question. There are a lot of rakeback sites out there; some are well run but others are not. One indication is whether a site offers rakeback deals that are over the standard offers. The amount of rakeback given back is fixed by the poker network. So something is wrong if a site offers more that this amount. Also if the site offers rakeback at Party Poker, Poker Stars, IPoker Network or Ongame Network this is a indication that the site is not following the rules. If a site is caught giving rakeback from the networks mentioned, all your earned rake will be lost. You can get a complete overview of the poker networks.

Q: Where can I get rakeback?

A: Not all Poker networks offer rakeback.

Q: Can I still get rakeback if I have an old account at the site?

A: In most cases no. But if your old poker room is connected to a network you will most likely be able to find a skin that offers rakeback.

Q: I would rather have bonus offers than rakeback.

A: At some poker sites you can have both rakeback and the sites usual promotion.

Q: Can I get rakeback directly at the poker site?

A: No, this it not possible. You have to contact a poker rakeback site that offers these deals.

Q: Which sites do you recommend?

A: Difficult question. It all depends where you feel comfortable playing. There are many theories out there about some networks being juicier than others.

We have always enjoyed playing on either Party Poker or WPN. Cannot explain why, might because this was these networks are where I have had my biggest success. Party Poker does not have any rakeback though, so you might want to try out one of the Winning Poker Network sites.

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