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High Pulse Poker rakeback and freerolls

Saturday, May 8th, 2010 | Poker Bonus, Poker Freeroll, Poker Rakeback, Poker Room | No Comments

This article belongs to the Poker Room series I recently came across High Pulse Poker and liked their approach to online poker. The following is a short review on High Pulse Poker, High Pulse Poker rakeback and High Pulse Poker freerolls. In addition you will find information on how to get the password for the 200$ "Welcome to High Pulse" freeroll hosted by my buddies at on Sunday the 9th of May at 20:00 GMT. In order to get the password for the 200$ High Pulse Poker Freeroll Read more [...]

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Rakeback – Shared method vs. Contributed method?

Wednesday, November 12th, 2008 | Poker Rakeback | 5 Comments

First off all, poker rooms don’t tell you how much rake you pay when you sit at the table! You only see the total amount of rake taken out from each pot. To make sure you get the correct rakeback amount your individual rake payment is recorded, and rakeback is based on these calculations. There are two main ways that poker rooms use to calculate your individual rake payment; the shared method and the contributed method. Shared method: In the shared method, rake is alienated between all players Read more [...]


Rakeback vs. Poker Bonus, or both?

Friday, October 24th, 2008 | Poker Rakeback | 1 Comment

This article is a part of the Poker Rakeback series. As an online poker player you constantly get different bonus offers and often you sign up for a bonus without really making sure how much rake you have to pay before you clear the bonus. We want you to choose a rakeback deal with a poker bonus included, so you get the best of everything! Today, almost every poker sites offer deposit bonuses and they usually include a percentage and a certain amount, for example, 100% up to $500. This means, that Read more [...]


Poker Bonus and Rakeback

Saturday, June 21st, 2008 | Poker Articles, Poker Rakeback | 1 Comment

This article is a part of the Poker Rakeback series. As a response to the article "10 Questions About Rakeback" I was asked whether a rakeback deal results in a forfeit of the poker room sign up and reload bonuses. This is actually not always the case, which makes a rakebackback deal even more valuable for you when building a online poker and online casino bankroll. I will elaborate on three of the bonuses given with a rakeback deal at PokerBRB. Inter Poker When signing up at Inter Poker Read more [...]

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Poker rakeback guide

Friday, May 30th, 2008 | Poker Articles, Poker Rakeback | No Comments

This article is a part of the Poker Rakeback series. Q: What is Rakeback A: When you play poker for real money the poker rooms take a fee which is normally between 3-5% of each pot you have contributed to. This fee is called "the rake" and while the fee may seem small, the rake can amount from hundreds to thousands of dollars per month for a player who plays a lot. All else equal this means that you will have to have an even higher edge over your competitors to become a profitable poker player. Read more [...]

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