Rakeback – Shared method vs. Contributed method?

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Jeffrey | Poker Rakeback

First off all, poker rooms don’t tell you how much rake you pay when you sit at the table! You only see the total amount of rake taken out from each pot. To make sure you get the correct rakeback amount your individual rake payment is recorded, and rakeback is based on these calculations.

There are two main ways that poker rooms use to calculate your individual rake payment; the shared method and the contributed method.

Shared method:
In the shared method, rake is alienated between all players that were dealt cards. Each player does not have to put money to the pot to get assigned rake, and it does not matter if you fold pre-flop!

Contributed method:
In the contributed method, players must put money into the pot to get assigned rake. The rake amount a player gets credited with is in proportion to the amount of his pot payment.

The fact that you have a share in pots won by others, and ultimately paid some of the other guys’ rakes as well, doesn’t really matter, when it comes to calculating your own rakeback. It’s easy just play and your rakeback will grow hand by hand!

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5 Comments to Rakeback – Shared method vs. Contributed method?

November 12, 2008

Which is best for me: The shared method or the contributed method?

May 29, 2009

This “In the shared method, rake is ALIENATED between all players that were dealt cards.” does not make sense.

I think you are confusing alienated and split.

Shared rakeback is best for tight players and contributed rakeback is best for loose players – since almost all good players is tighter than the average of their opponents, shared rakeback is preferable.

Jake’s last blog post..Party Poker Idleminer (Handgrabber)

May 29, 2009

Hi Jake

I think you’re right!

Thanks for the comment

Mark’s last blog post..24 WSOP Bracelet Events to be Streamed Online

June 6, 2009

I just read my comment again, and realized that it sound a bit smuck – This was by no means my intention :-)

June 6, 2009

Hi Jake

I didn’t think your comment sounded smug in any way. It was well written and constructive :-)


Mark’s last blog post..NY Giants Game Challenge update

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