PokerBRB poker freeroll/MTT tournament league; page overview

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Mark | Poker News

To those who might be interested

As you may know, we are working hard behind the scenes to be able to launch a poker freeroll/MTT tournament league on the site (the is also the main reason for the lower activity on the pokerbankrollblog). I though you might find it interesting with an an update on the new pages we have planned for the revamped site.

Changes to the PokerBRB front page:

  • New design, still to be finalized
  • Will contain table displaying the PokerBRB Tournament League leaderboard 
  • Will contain table displaying the PokerBRB Monthly league finals

PokerBRB Monthly League Finals

  • A page displaying the monthly league finals available to our monthly leaderboard top 20 players

PokerBRB Tournament Overview

  • An interactive page where you can search for all the tournaments that will count towards the PokerBRB Tournament League Leaderboard

PokerBRB Tournament League Leaderboard

  • A page displaying our league leaderboard. Will contain information on player rank, player top 5 results, player monthly points, player monthly prize money, player total points and player total prize money.

PokerBRB Tournament Results

  • On this page it will be possible to search our database for all your tournament results and give us feedback if there are any discrepancies.

PokerBRB League Sign-up

  • On this page you will enter your different poker room usernames, so we can automatically track your tournament results and display them on our leaderboard

PokerBRB Tournament League Rules

  • A page displaying all the rules of our new league. The page is actually online now but we still have to add the rules we have made

PokerBRB Article Database

  • All the best articles from the pokerbankrollblog categorized and displayed in a clear and easy to navigate format (at least we think so:-)) 

The time frame  for the completion of the new pages and relaunch of the PokerBRB site is a couple of weeks from now. Hope you enjoy it when it’s up and running!

Best Regards

Mark and McTap03

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