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The PokerBRB leaderboard concept is simple. If you finish in the money (ITM) in our selected monthly freerolls and tournaments you automatically receive points for our leaderboard. The more ITM finishes you achieve, the more leaderboard points you will receive.

At the end of each competition month the top 20 players on the PokerBRB leaderboard will receive exclusive entry tickets to ALL our monthly finals.

If you for some reason for example only play our tournaments on Poker Nordica, but do well enough in them to finish in the top 20 of our leaderboard, you will receive a ticket for our Poker Nordica montly final as well as all the other finals we have arranged on other poker sites.

Of course we can only issue tickets to players who have a registered account on the poker site in question. Therefore, if you are good enough to achieve a top 20 leaderboard finish, make sure to register an account on all the poker sites who host our monthly finals. This way you will get full value for your efforts.

See you at the tables!!!!

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