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Introduction to the website

Almost every online site about poker, from the smallest blogs to the biggest online poker guides, is involved with affiliated promotional deals in one way or another.  Affiliation deals are one of the primary ways of converting online traffic to an income.  Basically, online sites selling a product or offering a service will pay other websites what’s known as a CPA (Cost per Action) for each person referred who buys a product or signs up to a service. This basic principle of generating an income is also utilized at 

What sets apart from the jungle of online sites promoting poker sites is the sheer amount of relevant and qualitative poker information they offer. is basically a complete online poker guide and one of the largest of it’s kind.  Additionally, due to their size are able to offer better poker sign up bonuses than other affiliation sites.

In this review I will focus on the features I like the best on the website and also mention some of the annoyances I experienced while navigating the site. features, Market Pulse

The Market Pulse page keeps track of the online poker performances of 3645961 (and counting) poker players. Here’s a list of some of the information available on the Market Pulse page:

  • Browse the top 100 online poker winners and losers sorted by day, week, month, year, poker room, game type and stakes.
  • Check the online poker traffic report to find out which sites are most popular
  • Find the biggest pots won online sorted by day, week, month, year, poker room, game type and stakes
  • Use the Real-Time table finder to find exactly the cash game, poker tournament or poker freeroll you are looking for
  • Check out how the famous players are doing on the tables
  • Use the Online Poker Player search to find information on your opponents (players are divided into 9 categories: calling station, bomb, rock, shark, mouse, warning, maniac, red fish and green fish)
  • Browse the Market Pulse player statistics section to find information on Highest BB/100 players, Lowest BB/100 players, Highest VP$IP players and much more

As a fun side note I entered my online nick in the Online Poker Player search and found some data on my early fixed limit days on Party Poker. Turns out I’m a green fish only slightly higher rated than the calling station. The advice presented to me was to “grow some balls”…LOL. I hope I have improved since then. features, Poker Players

The Poker Players page features a database of 15346 high profile poker players. Each player profile features:

  • Detailed biography
  • Recent tournament placements
  • Player statistics
  • Player analysis by Barry Greenstein
  • Player photos

My only encounter with poker stardom was on the Carribean Poker Classic 2008 where I played in a couple of tournaments where Juha Helppi was also playing. I have heard that Gus Hansen trained for his boxing match against Theo Jørgensen in a small boxing club on Østerbro (Copenhagen, Denmark) so perhaps I will bump into him one day if he decides to enter another fight. features, Live Tournaments

Very extensive live updates, blogs, interviews and TV from all the major live poker tournament events.  I especially like the Pokerlisting’s Live Tournament Coverage calendar which gives a fast overview of upcoming tournaments. features, Poker Strategy

A poker article database containing 386 poker strategy articles (the pokerbankrollblog has 200 articles now for comparison:-)) written by poker pros. The poker strategy articles are divided into the following categories:

  • Beginner poker strategy
  • General poker strategy
  • Cash game no limit hold’em strategy
  • Poker theory
  • Psychology of poker
  • Seven-card stud strategy
  • Cash game limit hold’em strategy
  • Tournament no limit hold’em
  • Bankroll management
  • Omaha
  • Poker math

I think I might read through the Cash game section one day when I have time as I feel this is the weakest part of my game (my friend Artur will definitely agree with me on this one; he was appalled by my lack of cash game skills on the Caribbean Poker Classic cruise) features, Blogs

Being an avid blogger myself it was fun to read through some of the poker pro blogs on the Blog page. In addition to their own team of poker pros, also have a number of guest bloggers including Anette Obrestad. Anette is famous among other things for winning an online poker tournament with tape across her computer monitor so she couldn’t see her own cards. You may ask why I’m interested in Anette Obrestad. Here’s the thing. Recently I made my own Twitter profile and have become quite the Twitter aficionado. I noticed that Anette also has a Twitter profile and have added her on several occasions. Not once has she returned the favour and added me to her Twitter followers!!! So Anette if you are reading this I just wanted to let you know that I’m very disappointed in you for not following me on Twitter, especially since you speak so highly of Twitter in your latest blog entry. annoyances

I really dislike the entire top part of the menu below the header on the front page:










I get that Pokerlistings make money by promoting poker rooms (and in fact their poker room reviews are actually quite good). What I don’t get is why they think it’s necessary to use most of their top menu space to display the same poker room reviews organized in 8 different ways. All they achieve by doing this is adding to the unorganized feel of the page and increasing the difficulties navigating around.

This leads me directly on to my main critique of the Pokerlistings page: the information overload. It’s a double edged sword, because the massive amount of (mostly good) information on the site is also what sets it in a league of its own. Nevertheless, there is so much information crammed onto their site that it takes a couple of hours to figure out where the good stuff is. My personal taste is that I do not like websites that fail to present their information in a clear manner. Having said that, the pages I have mentioned in this review are actually quite well made and easy to navigate, so if you stick to them and don’t get lost in the poker room review jungle you should be fine.

You could be posting your articles on the Poker Bankroll Blog. Read all about it here.

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5 Comments to review

April 2, 2009

Thanks Sagar

Look forward to reading more comments from you on poker related issues.

Mark’s last blog post..Calculating Bankroll Requirements

June 6, 2009

Poker Listings are very, very good at optimizing their site for making money.

Having the reviews arranged differently in the tabs help them rank for some “money terms” when people search for them on a search engine like Google, and I’m sure that a lot of people visiting the site for other reasons get curious and want to see the “poker toplist”.

They obviously loose some more serious players readership by “hiding” the good content, however, those players are also unlikely to sign up on a pokerroom through Poker Listings…

Jake’s last blog post..Party Poker Idleminer (Handgrabber)

June 6, 2009

Hi Jake

Aren’t there other methods of improving Google rank than placing the same reviews multiple times on the site?
I personally am really put off by this….it makes their whole site appear spammy.

Mark’s last blog post..NY Giants Game Challenge update

Jeff B
August 16, 2010

Pokerlistings makes money by buying links and improving searches in a crap ass way. Plus they spend thousands figuring out the best place to put reviews and everything.

Works to make money, not a user friendly experience.

August 16, 2010

Hi Jeff

What makes it crap ass?
.-= Mark´s last blog ..Running bad in poker =-.

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