Rags for Riches: Bush’s Midnight Drop

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Rags for Riches:

Bush’s Midnight Drop

If you’re like me, or say, millions of other people across the globe that live and breathe poker, than you probably hold a subscription to a poker ‘rag’: a magazine or publication built around us – poker players. Hidden beneath the covers of these rags are stimulating interviews, intriguing concepts and news that – along with a good time, can bring a little perspective to a world of 52 cards… and some riches to boot!

Here’s what you should know this week –

Firstly, I must mention and congratulate Barack Obama for winning the Presidency of the United States by near landslide figures this past Tuesday, November 4th! The Will of the people has been heard and the overall feeling in the States and across the world is one of optimism and hope for better days. One of these hopes, at least among American poker players, is that gambling rights will be protected and inane federal laws restricting such rights will cease. However, with just over seventy days left in office, President Bush has a “midnight drop” in mind for online gaming!

Looking to finalize regulation and implement the 2006 Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA), which makes it illegal for financial institutions to handle transactions between U.S. residents and online gambling companies, the US Treasury forwarded these regulations this week to the Office of Management and Budget in it’s final step to impede upon its citizens rights.

The UIGEA has met with opposition however from groups like the Poker Players Alliance (of which I am a member), as well as Democratic leaders, which will obtain majority power in all branches of government beginning in January of 2009. This includes Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.), the chairman of the House Financial Services Committee, who says the UIGEA is one of the “stupidest laws” ever passed and promised to work to allow legal online gambling transactions to continue.

In my opinion, this law goes far beyond stupid, as it doesn’t define what EXACTLY would be considered an illegal transaction and could cause many financial institutions to block ALL online gambling transactions in fear of prosecution due to the vagueness of the UIGEA’s wording.

Controversial last minute bills are commonly attempted to be pushed through at the last minutes of an outgoing president’s administration – often referred to as a ‘midnight drop’.

Fear not though fellow American poker lovers, with the influx of Democratic leaders in Washington – these petty, unwarranted and flat-out ridiculous laws will go away soon and we will have the freewill to do whatever we choose with our own money and time – even if it’s playing the best game on earth: Poker!

Source: PokerPages.com

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