Rui Cao biggest winner in the wake of Black Friday

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Here’s a recap of the high stakes poker action since Black Friday where FBI seized Full Tilt, Poker Stars and absolute poker

The toll that Black Friday has taken on the online poker industry becomes more and more obvious every week. This past weekend, the Finns who thus far bore the brunt of the high stakes online poker action, were – for some reason – missing from the tables and that exposed the woeful inability of the industry to fill the nosebleed stakes tables with new players. There was some action, but the single 6-figure pot that was played for at Full Tilt Poker was a far cry from the heydays of 2009, when several records were set. Rui Cao was the most profitable player over the weekend. He played at the $50/$100 NL Holdem tables and he built up a $267k profit for the week little by little, winning one small pot after the other.

One of the largest pots he played for was a $22,600 one, which he won from samrostan. The hand began with some preflop give and take which got just enough chips into the pot to get both players excited. The As, Kh, 5h flop prompted a bet from Cao which was called by his opponent. The Kc on the turn drew a bet from samrostan which Cao called to see the 10h land on the river. Having hit a Broadway straight on the river with his Q,J, samrostan was quick to get it all into the middle. Cao made the no-brainer call, holding A,K for a boat and for the win.

Another large pot ($22,700) developed a little later on, when samrostan shoved holding pocket Js. Cao had A,Q for the coin-flip and landed an A on the flop to win that pot too. The only 6-figure pot of the weekend went down at a $300/$600 PLO table where Hansen and Antonius played too. The winner of the $129,900 monster was Stwasi though, who made a nut straight and then a boat for the pot. The biggest winner of the week was Rui Cao. Davin77 and masoren finished in the black too, together with the above-mentioned Stwasi. The biggest loser was shadenersatz, who dropped $147k last week.

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