Sit and go poker bankroll project, #4

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I haven’t been playing as much as I hoped the previous week for several reasons. The Internet was down one of the days because the town I live in on Malta, Sliema, had an electicity break down. So no Internet for half a day. I also hit a bad run of losses. For me that is three SNG lost in a row (remember that 50% of the participants recieve a prize in the SNGs I play).

My personal rule is that I stop playing if I hit such a bad run. I know three in a row is not much, but from experience I know that I change my game after a minor loosing streak. My profit horizon changes from a long term to a short term view. That is, I tend to be more willing to call coin flip situations, where I could wait for a better position to put all my chips in the middle.

Statistics are now:
Stats so far:
SNG Played: 36
Rake: $26
In the money: 18 times. 69.2%.
Net profit: $43

So down $23 since my last update.

I mentioned in my previous update, Sit and go poker bankroll project #3, that I would explain how Harringtons M can be used in SNG and how people often do not take this term into into consideration.

Harringtons “M” refers to a ratio of your chip stack compared to the blinds. The number gives an indication of how much preasure you are under because of the blinds.

If your M is 5 or under your only option is fold or all in. Many players do not take this into consideration and simply limp in. The result will often be that a player in a later position raises the pot or that you do not not hit anything on the flop and fold the hand to a raise.

The correct play would be to either go all in or to fold and wait for a better position. An all in would in most situation be the correct play.

Michael, July 9th.

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