Sit and go bankroll project, #3

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Sit and go poker bankroll project, #3

This is the third update on my sit and go project. I have now doubled my stack, started with $60 and my balance at Inter Poker is now $123.
But rake does lower the profit significantly. I have payed $19 in rake so far. So if I was signed up for a rakeback deal I would have received 30% back.

I am still playing the 50% double up sit and go, as mentioned in the previous updates. It does give the game a different element than normal sit and go´s. People are very tight, but do not seem to take into account which battles they should take and at what time. In my next update I will try to explain how Harrington’s M-value can be used to time your play according to the level of blinds in the sit and go tournaments I play.

Statistics are now:
Stats so far:
SNG Played: 26
Rake: $19
In the money: 18 times. 69.2%.
Net profit: 63$


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