SNG Poker Bankroll project, update #2

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Follow up on the SNG Bankroll Building Project.

I am still playing the 50% double up SNG at Inter Poker, where half of the contenders double up on the buy in. But because of a software update the lobby currency is now only UK Sterling. So the table is now £5+£0.5 which is approximately $10. Very high buy ins compared to my very low bankroll.

But it seems like it’s the poker gods intention that I should have a go at the higher table. And don´t ever go against the poker gods!

This is of course one of the biggest errors you can make. Even though you have an edge at a given table your risk of ruin decreases with the size of your bankroll. And with a bankroll of 8 buy ins my risk is too large if I want to build a bankroll.

I have therefore moved down to a more appropriate level compared to my bankroll. Most pro players would advise you to have at least 50-100 buy ins when playing SNG.

SNG statistics so far:
SNG Played: 18
Rake: $11.5
In the money: 13 times. 72%.
Net profit: 40.5$

Michael, June 27th.

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