Double or Nothing Bankroll Management

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In this article I will attempt to give you an overview of how to approach bankroll management when it comes to Double or Nothing sit and goes. For your information, Double or Nothing SNGs are a special type of SNG where you either double your money or walk away with nothing. If you want to know more, I recently wrote an article covering the basics of DoN SNGs.

Double or Nothing Bankroll Management

Most SNG experts recommend that your poker bankroll should be at least 50 times as large as the SNG buyin level you’re playing. In Double or Nothing poker however, you will make it to the money more often than in regular SNGs. This means that your bankroll will have less fluctuations over time and as a result you can make do with half the number of buyins in your bankroll as compared to regular SNGs. Below is an overview of bankroll requirements for DoN SNGs:

  • Buyin: 5$ +0,5$ ; Bankroll requirement at least 137,5$
  • Buyin: 10$ + 1$ ; Bankroll requirement at least 275$
  • Buyin: 20$ + 2$ ; Bankroll requirement at least 550$
  • Buyin: 30$ + 3$ ; Bankroll requirement at least 825$

When it comes to Double or Nothing bankroll management the usual rules apply. If your bankroll increases enough on the level you’re playing to cover the minimum bankroll requirements on the next level, good bankroll management tells you to that it is safe to move up in limits. On the other hand, if your bankroll decreases below the minimum bankroll requirements on the level you’re playing, good bankroll management tells you to move down in limits.

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