Sit and Go Double or Nothing – top facts and tips that will increase your bankroll

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Double or Nothing SNGs are a special type of SNG where you either double your money or walk away with nothing. If you want to know more, I recently wrote an article covering the basics of DoN SNGs.

I have made a list of the top facts and tips I have found when it comes to playing sit and goes such as Double or Nothing.

1: Practice yourself identifying the regulars at the tables. This is very important since your tactics against the regulars will be very different as compared to random players who do not know about the Independent Chip Model. In addition, you should avoid playing Double or Nothing sit and goes against too many regulars as this will dilute the edge you have. A good way of spotting regulars is to check out the poker lobby as a new DoN SNG starts up. Chances are that the players who register first are regulars.

2: Don’t worry too much about the rake. If there’s always a bad player who gets knocked out before you, then according to the ICM model, the increase in value of your chips almost covers the rake.

3. Practice good bankroll management. This means you should have roughly 25 buyins in your bankroll compared to the level you’re playing on.

4. If you’re a grinder, sit and goes such as Double or Nothing are perfect for you. The fluctuations are lower as compared to other SNGs and the games take much shorter time to play. This also means that you will be able to generate rakeback at a quicker pace.

5. Double or Nothing SNGs are still relatively new. As a results, there’s a limited amount of available literature on correct DoN strategy and as a consequence a lot of players do not play them correctly. This gives you a huge advantage providing of course you have a good grasp of the correct strategy to apply. So start practicing now!!

6. SNGs such as Double or Nothing are great for players who finish in third place more than 1st place in regular SNGs. If you make it to the money on a regular basis but do not take 1st place that often, your playing style is most likely very suitable for success in DoN SNGs. On the other hand, ff you’re a regular 1st place finisher, you should continue playing your current game.

7. Double or Nothing SNGs are very easy to multitable. The reason being, that if played correctly, you will be entering very few hands per game.

8. If you become a good DoN player, you will also have an edge in Multitable Tournament satellites. The winning strategies are very similar in these games.

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1 Comment to Sit and Go Double or Nothing – top facts and tips that will increase your bankroll

April 9, 2010

and vice versa… 2x SnGs are great practice for late MTT satellite strategy.
.-= JamesDaBear´s last blog ..JamesDaBear: @coolwhipflea NC State winning it all with Jim Valvano as coach. =-.

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