Stop the TILT, bankroll preservation

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Bankroll Preservation

There are all kinds of blogs about bankroll management. Thinking of managing your bankroll using math and percentages is great when you’re a rational thinking player. It is my belief that the most important part of being a successful poker player is controlling your bankroll when you’re losing.

Tilt is probably the most used word to describe a player’s emotion at the poker table. My definition of tilt is anger at the game of poker. When on tilt, a player is mad at the world and plays loose and very aggressive. The problem with online play is that it is very easy to play high stakes and lose your entire bankroll when tilting. The play online is so fast that even being angry for a minute can lose you a lot of money.

Playing live at a casino is a much better place to be if you are on tilt. The play is much slower and it is easier to just stand up and go for a walk when you experience a bad beat. It is important to realize when you are playing angry and take steps to preserve your bankroll. When I started playing I let my emotion get the better of me too many times and it cost me a lot of money. Throughout the years I have found some effective ways to preserve your bankroll from yourself when you are tilting.

If you are experiencing a bad session of play, many players will start playing higher stakes and looking to gamble to recoup their losses. This often results in a bankroll balance of zero as emotional poker is not profitable poker. If you feel yourself wanting to move up in stakes stop playing. If you want to make sure you don’t start playing again till you’re cooled off, most poker sites offer a self exclusion where you can exclude yourself from playing on the site from a minimum of 12 hours to weeks or a maximum of life. This 12 hours will give you time to think about what went wrong and cool off. My favourite way to end a tilt session is to just cash out my bankroll. It makes you feel good if you have still cashed a profit and you know that that money cannot be abused by your tilted evil side.


Don’t let that evil side bankrupt your bankroll


Brian Suta

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2 Comments to Stop the TILT, bankroll preservation

Delik James
September 4, 2008

I think you hit on a very important rule – Tilting is a terrible time to switch up your play or deviate from your overall strategy in a particular session…even though we often feel otherwise in the moment. This is especially true in online games where your bankroll can turn to dust before you know it.


September 4, 2008

The trick is knowing yourself well enough to know when you’re tilting. I do not know myself well enough yet, so I usually set a stop loss of up to 4 buyins for an evening.

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