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One of the best things about casino games is the sheer variety. You have baccarat, pai gow, Bingo… the list goes on. But you have other more frequently played options as well. Here are the seven most popular gambling games today – there’s something for everyone!


This one makes it on the list because of its nostalgic appeal. It may not be the most well-known of casino games today, that’s for sure – especially among a younger crowd. However, Keno is one of the longstanding casino games, so it deserves a mention for its longevity.

How do you play Keno?
Playing Keno is like playing the lottery, similar to Bingo. You get a card with the numbers 1 to 80, choose 20 numbers, place a bet, and wait. Twenty numbers are announced at random, and the more numbers you match, the higher your winnings. In addition to casinos, the game can occasionally be found at bars and restaurants as well.


Another classic is the dice game craps. The premise is simple: the players make bets on the outcome of a roll or a series of rolls. It’s easy to recall countless movie scenes with dressed up casino goers kissing or blowing on dice before shaking them vigorously and then tossing them out on the table.

What are the basic rules of craps?
The specific rules are somewhat difficult to grasp without playing but easy to pick up once you get some practice in. Essentially, the shooter places bets before rolling, either on what is called the Pass line or the Don’t Pass line. Rolling a 7 or 11 ends the round, and rolling a 2, 3, or 12, also indicates that the round is over. However, whether or not you win is determined by the type of bet you place.


Perhaps the most iconic staple when it comes to the modern casino, electronic gaming machines take up an impressive area when it comes to casino floors.

They are extremely popular with casino players of all backgrounds, thanks to their flashy graphics, fun sound effects, and rewardingly simple rules. The player makes a deposit, chooses a bet size, and “spins” the reels by pressing a button. The outcome is entirely random, and there is a set of winning outcomes that get paid out with each spin. These often feature exciting bonus features as well.


Another popular game, roulette essentially consists of a wheel, a ball, and a betting table. The players place bets by moving chips onto the table, which has all of the possible bets laid out –relatively straightforward even without previous experience.

How do you bet in roulette?
Players can bet on odds or evens, a range of numbers, a specific number or specific color, and more. The croupier spins the wheel, the ball gets rolling, and bets are rewarded according to the number the ball has landed on.

Video Poker

The slightly more sophisticated cousin of slot machines, video poker is another electronic gaming option for players who prefer technology and a little more personal space.

You don’t have to interact with other players or wait for your turn, but if you’re a fan of regular poker, they share similarities.

The basic winning hands (jack or better in the example below) in video poker are taken from five-card draw, one of the original poker variants. As with regular poker, picking up video poker involves real strategies when it comes to how to play your hands well and win.
● Pairs of jacks or better – all high pairs (Jack-Jack, Queen-Queen, King-King, Ace-Ace).
● Two pairs – two cards of one kind and another two cards of one kind (for example, 3-3 and 6-6).
● Three-of-a-kind – three cards of one kind (same rank).
● Straight – five cards of sequential rank (7-8-9-10-Jack).
● Flush – five cards of the same suit.
● Full house – a combination of three-of-a-kind and a pair.
● Four-of-a-kind – four cards of one kind (same rank).
● Straight flush – straight of one suit.
● Royal flush – ace-high straight of one suit.


Much of Blackjack’s rise in popularity can be attributed to the introduction of card counting strategies as a way for players to really take control. All gambling games are related to chance, but experts have worked hard to demonstrate to new players how optimal playing strategies can actually make it a very profitable game for those who work diligently to learn. The basic aim is to get a hand of 21 or beat the dealer with a higher hand (but not over 21).


The pop culture references are endless when it comes to poker. You have novels, educational resources, songs, and films about it – everything you can imagine. One reason it’s so popular is that out of almost all gambling games, poker is the one that depends most on skill over chance.

How do you play basic poker?
Although poker has many variants, the basic idea is that a hand is made up of 5 cards, and there is a hierarchy of best to worst hands. The players bet on the outcome of each round, and the one with the best hand wins. Successful players can rake in obscene amounts of winnings, both in professional, official tournaments as well as in less than savory situations.

But you don’t have to be a professional – as, being one of the most dynamic gambling games out there, poker brings genuine enjoyment to all sorts of players.

Now that you know more about the most popular casino games, it’s time to test your skills online. However, online gambling isn’t currently legal in all 50 states. Don’t worry about it, though, as comes to the rescue. Find out where you can play. Legally.

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