Top 10 reasons that motivate me to play online poker tournaments

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  • To develop my game to the point where I reach final tables in low stakes tournaments (20$ buyin or below) on a regular basis that exceeds the probability of winning an online poker tournament.
  • To start winning enough money to pay for vacations and buyins to larger tournaments.
  • To be able to buy a really cool car (for some reason I get the urge to play poker whenever I see a sweet looking car pass me on the street).
  • The fact that the game changes nature throughout the tournament and that you have to adapt to these changes.
  • The chance of winning big with a small initial investments.
  • The feeling of accomplishment when you reach a final table having beaten a large field of players.
  • The feeling of accomplishment when you outplay an opponent.
  • The fact that playing tournaments can be seen as stand-alone events with an upper time limit as compared to grinding SNGs or cash game tables which are ongoing events without time limits. IMO this makes tournament play less obligating.

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