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Mark | Poker Projects

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pile-of-moneyTo celebrate our new collaboration on the Poker Bankroll Blog and PokerBRB sites, McTap03 and I have started our own bankroll building SNG and MTT (multi table tournament) project on Full Tilt Poker. Our starting bankroll is 150$ and we will be posting regular updates on our many wins and hopefully fewer losses.  It goes without saying that we expect our bankroll to increase significantly in no time.

Since we started our bankroll building project in February our bankroll has decreased to 147$. The highest it’s been is around 170$. It goes without saying that we have yet to hit a final table. The closest I (Mark) have been is a 20th place in one  of the FTP early double events. Bankroll building via mostly MTT tournament play definitely requires patience.

I have completely lost track of the number of tournaments we have played, but so far we have earned 337 FTP points. You earn 7 FTP points per dollar payed in tournament rake, so 337 points corresponds to about 50$ in tournament rake. I mostly play the early double events which are 5000$ guaranteed MTT tournaments with a 5$ buyin and a 1$ rake. I know McTap has been playing some 90 player turbo SNG’s and I have also played some 2$ and 3$ buyin tournaments where the rake is 0,2$ and 0,3$ respectively. I therefore guesstimate that we have played maybe 75 events in total since we started the project.

Usually when I play the early double events I end in the money in one of them, so I hope it is only a matter of time before I hit a final table.

We will keep you updated!

Mark and McTap03

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