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This is the final post in a series of 3 posts covering the top 11 bad poker habits belonging to your PokerBRB team.

9. Unintentionally signing up to fixed limit or Omaha tournaments

This just really sucks; fortunately it happens less frequently to me now compared to when I first started playing poker. In the beginning it is easy to get confused in the poker lobby so you will probably also repeat my mistakes. Don’t worry after a few mistaken signups you will learn to pay more attention. I still signup to fixed limit speed SNG’s from time to time since the speed SNG’s are filled up really which gives you less time to realize your mistake.

10. Directing frustration over bad beats towards things surrounding you

If you share my bad habit number 7, chances are you have also experienced bad habit number 10. I have only lost my temper once, where swearing in the chat was not soothing enough. Luckily I only destroyed my mouse, but I have heard about much worse examples (a friend of a friend of mine threw his laptop into a wall). After my mouse incident I swore I would immediately turn of my computer and count slowly to 100 if I ever again experienced the same kind of rage. Over time I have become a more accepting poker player, but I still have some way to go before I can deal with bad beats in a completely balanced matter. If you share my experiences I suggest you also start developing some acceptance skills.

11. Playing poker without getting rakeback or at least a good bonus.
Not correcting this habit is just plain old bad business. However I can totally relate to the situation as I myself have played without a rakeback deal until very recently. The reason? Laziness… I am the kind of player who plays a lot but only in periods when I have time to play poker. So when I finally have the time, I start playing immediatelyt. I deposit at my favourite poker network and grind 2-4 tables simultaneously. Why is this bad business? Because I could have received 30% in rakeback or a bonus from the skins I have not played at yet. Bonus offers are often not as good at rakeback, as they are rakeback in disguise just with a lower percentage than 30%. So if you have a choice, choose rakeback.
You can read more about rakeback in the article “10 questions about rakeback” and get your own rakeback deal through our PokerBRB rakeback site.


Which are your worst poker habits? Leave a comment and we will collect them and write a post about your worst online poker habits.

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