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This post is number two is a series of 3 posts covering the top 11 bad poker habits belonging to your PokerBRB team.

Top 11 bad poker habits_the first three covered the first three bad poker habits, and I will now move on the the next four:

Bad poker habit number 4: Showing your hands to your opponents

I see this again and again both in small stakes SNG’s and on the World Poker Tour. People show both their good hands and their bluffing hands when they have made a bet and everyone else folds. I really don’t like this very much. In both cases you are giving your opponents information for free, which just does not make sense to me.

Bad poker habit number 5: Forgetting that multi table tournaments take several hours to win

I tend to always forget this, and it annoys me every time. I often play big Guaranteed Tournaments that usually get more than 1000 registrations and typically start at around 8 pm. You will be playing poker for 6-7 hours to win one of these, which means that it is a very bad idea to start playing when you have to get up at 6 am the next morning to go to work. Nevertheless I do it all the time and after 2 hours of play I start secretly wishing to get knocked out so I can go to bed; it never fails.

Bad poker habit number 6: Calling bets out of curiosity when you know you are beat

I guess you could always justify calling a small or medium bet on the river due to pot odds. But really sometimes you just know you are beat and simply feel compelled to call because you have to see what your opponent has. Be aware that the information you gain by seeing your opponents hand comes at a high price which will reduce your profit in the long run.

Bad poker habit number 7: Swearing at opponents in the chat when you lose your temper

This is probably my weakest point. I have absolutely no acceptance towards fishy players that call a major bet from my side only to catch their 2 or 4 outer on the river. I try to keep telling myself ‘you will earn money from them in long run’ but it just doesn’t help and I usually end up writing ‘you f… noob ba….rd amateur retard’ in the chat. Admittedly it makes me feel somewhat better in the spur of the moment but really it’s a juvenile and unconstructive reaction and my mental balance would be much better off by not losing my temper and simply accepting my defeat with a smile.

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