TV Shows and Online Casinos – What’s the Connection?

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Jeffrey | Poker Strategy

Before the dawn of the internet, making a connection between what was on the box in your living room and casinos in far flung parts of the world would be tenuous at best. Of course, if you consider the odd Bond film or a classic 60’s heist film like Oceans 11, the link becomes somewhat more obvious.

There’s something exciting and thrilling about casinos, with their obvious risk and opulence playing no small part in creating an almost irresistible pull. Perhaps that’s why any movie scene set in a casino is bound to be the highlight of any picture.

However, despite all of this, people that religiously watch their favourite TV shows are not necessarily the same sort of people that would visit a casino yet, ever since the introduction of online casinos, we’ve seen a steady crossover of these two seemingly disparate demographics.

So, what’s the connection? How have online casino operators managed to persuade fans of TV fiction (or nonfiction for that matter) to give up a few hours binge watching Netflix to play video slots and casino games instead?

The first online casinos that launched on the web during the late 90’s and early 2000’s, were pretty much your average Vegas-copy casino. You know the type, with those old school ‘fruit machines’ with reels filled with lucky horseshoes, various fruits, diamonds and other ‘lucky’ paraphernalia. While these did attract a certain segment of the population, they were by no means interesting enough to persuade the vast majority to spend time (and money) playing them. Casino bosses had to come up with a new angle, and they did.

The psychology behind modern casinos and the games that they offer, is to move away from the cookie cutter approach designed to simply extract as much money from players as possible, and introduce a more value-added entertainment service, similar to what is offered on this site.

Working closely with a number of cutting-edge software developers specializing in casino software, online casinos began to push out video slot games that totally changed our perception of what a video slot actually was. Forget about those boring old fruits and horseshoes and say hello to Hollywood-level 3D animations and HD graphics that took their theme cues directly from some of the best TV shows and movies ever made.

This is why video slots like Vikings, Battlestar Galactica and Game of Thrones have put online casinos front and center in the collective consciousness of TV and movie fans all over the world. The lines between various forms of digital entertainment are slowly being blurred, creating an online entertainment hub that spans all genres, niches and interests.

Modern online casinos have even begun to adopt various entertainment elements plucked from popular TV shows and video games, in an effort to produce and provide a more intensive and immersive world for today’s hip and savvy digital entertainment aficionados to enjoy. Whether you spend your money on streaming TV shows, playing video games, or indulging in intensive video slots, the possibilities produced within the digital realm are seemingly endless.

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