Two Best Video Poker Machines Tips for Beginners

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Jeffrey | Poker Strategy

Video poker machines offer one of the best odds in Casino. It is a very good alternative to the slot machines as you have a high chance of hitting big jackpot. But you would be able to hit the jackpot only if you play with proper strategy. Do remember to sign up for the player’s club card and be sure to remember to use it everytime you want to play. It has many benefits and the benefits depend on each casino or online site.

There are two main tips on the two video poker machines that every beginner should remember. However, it is important to familiarize yourself with the video poker machines. Though some of the video poker machines have specific games, there are some machines that have multi-game features. In these multi-game featured machines, you should first see what these games are offering. If you find a familiar game, only then go ahead. Before you start your play, do study the machine and see the various buttons and features it has. Most of the machines have the following features:

  • Money insert or return slot: The cash-insert, club card or the voucher slots are usually positioned around the machine’s screen area.
    The slot from where the machine returns your balance in voucher form is situated on top left.
  • Draw or deal button: This button is situated on the right side of the keyboard. Do remember to hit the button after each hand do that the next hand is dealt. Once you have selected the cards you would like to hold, you can get the replacement cards on pressing the button again.
  • Hold buttons: These buttons are present directly below the screen. You have to use these buttons according to the cards you prefer to hold on to.
  • Cash-out button: Once you have finished playing, you should press this button. The machine will return your balance in the form of voucher.

Screen Area: It Has The Following Features:

  • Pay table: It is at the top of your screen area and shows the return when you win hands
  • Display area: This is below the pay table where you can see your cards
  • Credit total: This is at the bottom of your screen and balance credits you have.

Before you memorize the rules and understand the various strategies that you can employ to win your video poker games, it is very essential that you know the Dos and Don’ts of the game.


  • Do shop paytables
    Video poker game is the only game, where you are told how much returns you can get. Learn to recognize the best returns that are displayed prominently to get back the most.
  • Do bet only max coins
    This is so because you would get bonus only on this. Choose the machine with the denomination that suits your pocket.
  • Do watch your alcohol intake
    If you become tipsy, then you tend to take wrong decisions. In an inebriated state, you often tend to make strategic mistakes or miss the card combinations that you would have kept.
  • Do learn to play your favorite games
    The strategies of winning the game are well known. So learning them will help you to earn.


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