Ultimate Bet Announces Shocking Prize for WSOP Main Event Champion

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Mark | Poker News

Submitted by Scott Jack, this article belongs to the Poker News series.

If you haven’t already heard the news that the Ultimate Bet online poker room announced several days ago then you’re going to now. Ultimate Bet which is the poker room where both Phil Hellmuth and Annie Duke are sponsored has made a shocking announcement which is sure to fire up any poker players who play on Ultimate Bet.

If you are a poker player already at Ultimate Bet then you know that they have been running promotions all year long in order to offer as many WSOP Main Event packages as they possibly could to their players. They ended up sending quite a few players to Vegas this year and they just recently told the world that they will be paying the winner of the 2009 WSOP Main Event an extra $10 million. There is only one catch to the deal, in order to be eligible for the $10 million cheque you need to have qualified for the Main Event on Ultimate Bet

Since most players who will be playing in the Main Event didn’t earn their seat from playing in Ultimate Bet satellite events most of you won’t be able to earn this reward. I have really started hoping that someone from Ultimate Bet wins the Main Event because I really want to see Ultimate Bet have to make the payout to the player.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you just won the WSOP Main Event receive the first place prize of almost $10 million and your bracelet and then on top of that receive another $10 million? It could happen this year and although it is rather unlikely to happen it will sure be the talk of the tournament until every single player who qualified from Ultimate Bet is knocked out. There is no doubt that Ultimate Bet was just looking for some media and definitely don’t want to have to make the payout which is why I hope that someone from UB wins.

The 2009 WSOP is a big season for Hellmuth because he won his first Main Event bracelet exactly 20 years ago. There is no doubt that you will see Phil being his normal self this year at the Main Event as he will be looking to make headlines with a victory. Make sure that if you’re going to be watching the WSOP Main Event this year that you cheer on the guys from Ultimate Bet as I know a lot of people want to see this $10 million payday.

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3 Comments to Ultimate Bet Announces Shocking Prize for WSOP Main Event Champion

June 27, 2009

Hell I wouldn’t mind winning 20 million $ that’s for sure!

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Krystal Villanueva
July 15, 2009

How many and what specific tournaments do you have to win for them to sponsor you into the main event of wsop. I know 2009 has already started but what about 2010?

July 16, 2009

Hi Krystal

I’m not sure actually since I don’t play on Ultimate Bet.
Does anyone else know?


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