Caribbean Poker Classic 2008; final table action in the 400$ +40$ buyin tournament

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Mark | Caribbean Poker Classic 2008

This article is a part of the Caribbean Poker Classic 2008 series. Follow the link to read more about how I got to go on the trip in the first place.

While waiting to participate in the final table of the 400$ tourney, the boat made it’s first stop on the route in San Juan, Puerto Rico. We really wanted to check out the El Yunque rain forest some 50 clicks from San Juan. Unfortunately the boat arrived in San Juan at 3pm and the sun set at 5pm so there wasn’t really time. I’m still amazed that it was possible to buy a horseback tour of the rain forest including one hour of swimming through the ship’s Excursion Centre. Perhaps artificial sun light was included in the price?

We instead opted for a tourist tour of the Condado beach area close to San Juan and the old town San Juan itself. For 20$ a head, the tour was reasonably priced, but pretty lame. However this could have had just as much to do with us being completely nackered from the previous night of poker (we actually slept through the first half of the tour). When we finally reached old town San Juan we ditched the bus and wondered around the narrow streets with my trusted Lonely Planet in close proximity for hands-on tourist support. Actually we should have just stated out hanging out in the old town San Juan area….it was pretty cool.

San Cristobal fort seen from the ship

Artur with Condado beach in the background 

Colonial houses at night, old town San Juan

Ahh Starbucks

Now for a recollection of the final table action. I came a bit early to note down the starting stacks of all my opponents:

  • Position 1: 38100 chips. The solid Danish (of course:-)) player capable of making moves who was sitting at the first table I played on in the tournament
  • Position 2: 71500 chips. Really lucky Swedish player who stayed alive in the tournament through two river 2-outers within 15 minutes
  • Position 3: 53000 chips. Danish player, so probably solid
  • Position 4: 52200 chips.
  • Position 5: 24800 chips.Amatay, nice English player…..check out his blog in our blogroll section
  • Position 6: 23000 chips. Lucky Finnish player but capable of making moves
  • Position 7: 38600 chips. Me, solid Danish player capable of making insanely complicated moves…should be playing on the pro tour
  • Position 8: 61500 chips. English woman playing ABC poker and having the run of her life
  • Position 9: 26400 chips.

Blinds were 1000/2000 and antes 200 giving me an M of roughly 8.

During the first hour or so I took down a few pots uncontested with preflop raises and then lost the blinds I had won after a preflop raise in late position with KJ suited. The Dane in position 1 reraised me all in, and I had to fold. For the rest of the trip I was not overly fond of this guy. A bit later I was dealt AJ in middle position and the Finnish player in position 6 went all in for about 20000 chips. Fairly confident I was ahead of most of his handrange I opted to call to signal strength – hoping for the players behind me to fold – and decided to re-evaluate the situation if someone behind went all in. Player 3 thought for a long time and eventually folded AQ, or so he said. The Finnish player showed J10 and I was 70% favorite to win the hand and increase my stack to 60000 chips. Unfortunately the Finne caught a 10 on the flop, and with no ace to me I was left shortstacked with roughly 20000 chips. I am in doubt whether I would have called a reraise from player 3 in the given situation. What do you guys think?

About 15 minutes later the blinds were 2000/4000 and antes 400. I look down at 98 suited in small blind position with 15000 chips behind me and decide to push no matter what. The Dane in position 1 makes it 9200, I push, he calls and shows KQ. The flop is KQ8 which leaves me as a huge underdog. No help on the turn and river, and I finish the tournament in 7th place. The English woman in position 8 ended up beating the Dane in position 3 heads up. I don’t think he was too unhappy though; as I heard he took 500$ of his winnings onto some cash Omaha table and left a couple of hours later with 6000$!

In hindsight I am pretty happy with my game in the tournament, but still can’t believe that 10 came on the flop…..

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7 Comments to Caribbean Poker Classic 2008; final table action in the 400$ +40$ buyin tournament

December 8, 2008

As previously noted in your other posts, Great Run Man! As for the situation when you called with AJ, I would have pushed all-in to isolate. A call here give nice pot odds to anyone after you, while the all-in avoids any tough decisions you would have to make if someone pushed after you. Plus, with just calling and over a 40K, I don’t see myself laying down to a re-raise due to pot odds. Again, well done with making the FT!

December 11, 2008

After reading your blog I feel a little offended…
I am that English woman who won the $400 tournie who apparently was playing ABC poker, I wasn’t aware that I showed you any of my cards, and how was it you were playing “solid” poker as opposed to ABC!!
May I remind you that I had to qualify for this trip and having “the run of my life” would not be enough to do this, just because I am female please do not underestimate my abilities.
It would have been nice to get sone credit for winning instead of the usual “lucky player etc”

December 11, 2008

Hi Pamela

I apologize if I have offended you. I did actually see some of your all in hands when you were low stacked, and as these were all solid hands I placed you in the ABC category. Contributing too my judgement was that I on one or two occasions raised the flop against you with air and took down the pot.

If you turn it around you should actually see this as a compliment. You were able to pass on the impression of beeing a tight ABC player to just about everybody I talked to on the cruise. This must have turned out to be a great strategy for you. In my case I folded everytime you made a raise because I assumed you had something good. This has surely given you to opportunity to steal many pots.
My statement: “English woman playing ABC poker and having the run of her life” was merely my immediate perception of your play. Seen in the light of your comment this says more about my inabilities to read my opponents than your game.
Cudos to you for choosing and implementing a great strategy and winning the tournament!!!
No hard feelings I hope:-)

December 12, 2008

Makes you think how Chris Moneymaker feels about his win in WSOP where everyone call this “the run of his life”…

December 13, 2008

IMO “having the run of your life” is not a negative thing. If I had won the tournament I would definitely also consider it to be the run of my life….

December 14, 2008

Hi Mark

No hard feelings at all, I just wanted to have my say thats all!!
I still very much enjoyed your account of the tournament.
I wish you all the luck in the future, and hope we meet again on a final table, where I assume you will fold to all of my raises!!

December 14, 2008

Hi Pamala

I’m pleased to hear you are not mad at me anymore:-)
Don’t count on me folding to your raises again…the word is now officially out that Pamela is not an ABC poker player:-)
The offer still stands for you to post a summary of the tournament from your point of view on our blog (think it would be really interesting to read)

Best Regards


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