Caribbean Poker Classic 2008; Miami update

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Mark | Caribbean Poker Classic 2008

This article is a part of the Caribbean Poker Classic 2008 series. Follow the link to read more about how I got to go on the trip in the first place.

Walking around in Miami at night is a bit of a culture chock from what I’m used to in Denmark.
Is not every day I get approached by gangsta wannabees first wanting to sell me rap music and then following my polite no start whispering “cocaine” in my ears.
I think it is safe to say that Miami is a melting pot of many different cultures for better and worse.
But hey, who cares….today I got to drive a 200+ horsepower Ford Mustang on semi abandoned island roads, and I don’t even have a drivers licence
What a great way to have your first driving lesson.

The Ford Mustang team:-) 






On a side note the drive to Key West today was really long, so when we finally arrived to our destination we only stayed there for about half an hour to enjoy a meal at Denny’s, and then we drove back again.
My friend and I have agreed to rent a supercar for a day if we win big on the cruise.

As for poker I only have one story to share with you. My friend is a master of doubling and tripling his money (no bankroll management here) and losing them all again in a blink of an eye. His actions at the tables yesterday were no exception.
The mission statement was clear: “If I could only double my money on Interpoker then I would have enough to register for the 330$ tournament on the boat”. The venue was Starbucks on Ocean Drive Southbeach Miami.
With his 140$ he opened two 1/2$ tables and quickly got up to around 250$…then a series of bad hands left him with less than 200$ and I went back to the hotel to sleep (partly because I was tired and partly because I hate seeing people losing). At this point Starbucks was also about to close; luckily it turned out that they never turn off their Wireless Internet, so my friend could continue playing outside. Bless you Starbucks!!
After some time, my friend came back and gave a recollection of his project.
Apparently he had managed to increase his roll to 317$, but then made the fatal decision to play a 20$ “all in lottery” heads up.
Basically you are automatically all in with your first hand in these heads ups, so they really are a lottery, and have nothing to do with poker.
After losing the 20$ all in lottery he decided to play a 50$ all in lottery still with the aim of reaching 330$.
After losing three 50$ all in lottery in a row he was back to square one and decided to go for broke on a 2/5$ table.
20 minutes later he had 347$, registered for the 330$ tournament on the boat and increased his remaining 17$ to 50$
Sometimes he makes me wonder whether bankroll management is really necessary…..

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1 Comment to Caribbean Poker Classic 2008; Miami update

November 15, 2008

“Sometimes he makes me wonder whether bankroll management is really necessary…..”

OMG, that is funny.

Good luck to you both!!

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