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I have started a stake deal with my good friend Artur. The deal is that I provide a starting bankroll of 2000$ and when he reaches 5000$ I receive 3000$. I have chosen to see the deal as a bet where I get odds 1.5 on my stake. Since I think the probability of success is more than 67% the EV on my bet is above 1. If you are a gambler you always take bets with an EV over 1 :-)

Here are some more details:

  • Limits 0,5$/1$
  • The project will obviously stop when the bankroll hits 0$
  • I cannot pull out of the deal unless the bankroll reaches 5000$
  • The daily running stop loss is 300$. This for example means that if the daily profit hits 600$ then Artur has to stop playing if the daily profit drops to 300$
  • Rakeback goes back into the bankroll
  • I receive weekly updates which I will post here

One month update

Bankroll Development

We are down to 1150$ which is obviously not good. Artur took a break from poker about 11 days into the project but unfortunately it did not change his luck.

Key hands; big pots lost where we were ahead:

  • 330$ pot all in preflop with KK vs QQ vs 910. Flop is 10 10 6

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3 Comments to Poker Bankroll Building on a stake deal_update 2

November 27, 2009

Artur should take a longer break, sorry but to me, it seems he is going bad, and the only way to stop that is either enter maniac mode and pray to God for luck, or take a nice break from it all. And on that 330$ hand…tough luck , but it happens. After all poker is a game of luck.

December 5, 2009

I don’t know who Arthur is, but good luck.

I am beginning to think that limit ring poker
is the best way to win consistently without
going nuts. I wonder how many grinders are
out there.

December 5, 2009

Thanks Mitchell

We’ll see how it goes with the project. On a positive note I finished 40/3500 in a 11$ tournament on Poker Stars yesterday. I made a few mistakes along the way but all in all I think things are looking up.


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