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I have started a stake deal with my good friend Artur. The deal is that I provide a starting bankroll of 2000$ and when he reaches 5000$ I receive 3000$. I have chosen to see the deal as a bet where I get odds 1.5 on my stake. Since I think the probability of success is more than 67% the EV on my bet is above 1. If you are a gambler you always take bets with an EV over 1 :-)

Here are some more details:

  • Limits 0,5$/1$
  • The project will obviously stop when the bankroll hits 0$
  • I cannot pull out of the deal unless the bankroll reaches 5000$
  • The daily running stop loss is 300$. This for example means that if the daily profit hits 600$ then Artur has to stop playing if the daily profit drops to 300$
  • Rakeback goes back into the bankroll
  • I receive weekly updates which I will post here

Second week’s update

Second week's update

As you can see the project is off to a slow start. Hopefully the pots will start rolling our way soon. Artur is very dedicated to the project as demonstrated by playing a session in the emergency room before it was his turn to get stitched up.

Key hands; big pots lost where we were way ahead before the river:

  • Lost 200 with AA vs 10J on a 10 high flop. Our opponent called big bets all the way to the river to hit his runner runner flush
  • Lost 200 where we hit K high flush on turn but lose to A high flush on river

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1 Comment to Poker Bankroll Building on a stake deal_update 1

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November 7, 2009

Interesting idea. You might think about trying out cake poker, higher rakeback, fishier players, brand new deposit bonus.

Another good way to do a stake deal is to set a number of hands to play to. So investment = 2k, 50,000 hands to be played (using good bankroll strategy), player returns 2k minimum + 40% of profit… something like that.

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