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I was approached the other day by my good friend MaddyUK who wanted to discuss a possible online poker stake deal. Maddy has previously grinded 1/2$ shorthanded cash games with good success and I know him to be an extremely disciplined player so obviously I was interested to hear what he had to say.

Turns out he is highly motivated to get back in the game but hasn’t started due to a lack of necessary funds to start up an online poker bankroll. Maddy’s timing was perfect since I have 1000$ of risk capital lying around perfectly suited for an online poker stake deal.

Here’s what we agreed on:

Starting bankroll: 1000$

Revenue share: 50/50 for the 1000$-6000$ profit interval


  • 1000$-1500$ :  0,25/0,5. If the bankroll drops below 500$ the project is stopped. Between 500$ and 1000$ Maddy will continue to play on the 0,25/0,5 tables.
  • 1500$-3000$ : 0,5/1. If the bankroll drops to the interval 1200$-1500$ Maddy will continue on the 0,5/1 tables. If the bankroll drops below 1200$ he will move down to the 0,25/0,5 tables.
  • 3000$-  ?           : 1/2. If the bankroll drops to the interval 2400$-3000$ Maddy will continue on the 1/2 tables. If the bankroll drops below 2400$ he will move down to the 0,5/1 tables.

Daily stop loss: 2 full buyins at any given level

I would not recommend people to do stake deals unless they know the person they will be staking really well. I have known Maddy for more than 20 years so there are no trust issues whatsoever.

Wish us luck:-)

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6 Comments to Stake deal

April 2, 2009

What Mark does not know is that I will combine bankroll building with the skills/principals of Loco poker…


I have still not found a place to start the bankroll building. Might as well place the money where I get the best rakeback or poker bonus.

Wish me luck!

Poker Farce
April 3, 2009

Good to see you’ve got some terms laid out well. I love doing 1 time deals and freerolls for people just for the gamble. Last time I tried to do a prolonged staking deal with a friend it didn’t go so well so I usually advise against any long term staking arrangements. I guess if your horse is tame it’s ok.

April 3, 2009

Maddy, stop waisting time writing comments on blogs and start playing poker instead.
I want to get rich soon:-)

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May 21, 2009

Status on the stake deal so far: about -100$ I think.

Maddy hasn’t had time to play that much at all. Hope this changes in the future.


Mark’s last blog post..Personality Deficient

May 29, 2009

I don’t really understand why you give him 1000$ and make him stop playing if he goes below 500$ – Why not just give him 500$?

Jake’s last blog post..Party Poker Idleminer (Handgrabber)

May 29, 2009

Hi Jake

Well giving him 500$ would just mean he would start on a lower blind level.
The 500$ limit is to incorporate some kind of stop loss into the project.

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