Poker Bankroll Building on a stake deal

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Mark | Poker Articles, Poker Bankroll Building

I have started a stake deal with my good friend Artur. The deal is that I provide a starting bankroll of 2000$ and when he reaches 5000$ I receive 3000$. I have chosen to see the deal as a bet where I get odds 1.5 on my stake. Since I think the probability of success is more than 67% the EV on my bet is above 1. If you are a gambler you always take bets with an EV over 1 :-)

Here are some more details:

  • Limits 0,5$/1$
  • The project will obviously stop when the bankroll hits 0$
  • I cannot pull out of the deal unless the bankroll reaches 5000$
  • The daily running stop loss is 300$. This for example means that if the daily profit hits 600$ then Artur has to stop playing if the daily profit drops to 300$
  • Rakeback goes back into the bankroll
  • I receive weekly updates which I will post here

First week’s update

Weekly update

Key hands, 100$+ pots

  • Lost KK vs AJ all in preflop, 189$ pot
  • lost 88 vs Q3 on a 43383 board, 100$ pot
  • lost A9 vs AQ on a AQ69 board, 200+$ pot
  • Lost QJ vs Q9 vs 76 on a K10x board. Turn completed Q9’s flush, 212$ pot
  • Lost K5 vs K8 on a K83 flop. Didn’t hit the flush. 221$
  • Won 22 vs AJ on a AK2 flop, 120$
  • Won 88 vs KK. Flopped trips. 200$ pot
  • Won QQ vs J8 on a 8J5x5 board, 200$ pot
  • Won AA vs Q9 on a AQ89 board, 200$ pot

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5 Comments to Poker Bankroll Building on a stake deal

October 28, 2009

What happend with the forum man !? It is not working…WTF :|

October 28, 2009

Mark when you have sometime please contact me on Messenger , thanks :D

October 28, 2009

Hi Alynn

The forum still works if you go to

The PokerBRB webpage however is down because the amateurs at UK2net haven’t been paying attention.

I will be online in an hour or so

.-= Mark´s last blog ..Poker Bankroll Building on a stake deal =-.

October 28, 2009

Phew…The forum is working.I think he was down.Thanks Mark !

November 5, 2009

To bad you did not collect more from this hand, especial that he had a pair of aces.
Quote: “Won 22 vs AJ on a AK2 flop, 120$”

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