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Mark | Poker and Life

This is the second article in my series about my Ficus Bonsai tree:

The enormous response I received from my first article about my Ficus Bonsai tree has left me feeling obligated to write an update on how my tree is doing. When I left you last time on August 8th I had great hopes for my Ficus Bonsai. It was shooting new leaves all over due to my special treatment:

  • Buy a proper saucer and fill it with LECA (light expanded clay aggregate) pellets to ensure effective drainage and thus prevent a waterlogged pot which causes root rot
  • Spray the Ficus Bonsai with water twice a day using a regular water vaporizer (FYI this gizmo is also used to water orchids)

Here’s what my Ficus Bonsai looked like on August 8th:

See all the new leaves…pretty sweet huh?





Well no point in dragging out the suspense, this is what my Ficus Bonsai looks like now:

Gasp! It is a terrible sight, I know. My tree has experienced a massive loss of leaves reminiscent of jungle trees in Vietnam sprayed with Agent Orange. Despite doing everything humanly possibly my tree has repaid my dedication by more or less dying. If you look carefully you can still spot a few leaves but I think it is only a matter of time before they also fall off.

I think I know what I did wrong. I planted my Ficus Bonsai in too big a pot which did not allow the water to draw from the bottom all the way to the top, watering all the roots. So what has happened is that 80% of the root ball has in effect dried out and died causing the massive loss of leaves.


Since I spent a lot of money on my Ficus Bonsai tree I have decided to keep it even though it is dead. Today I bought some Ivy, planted them in the pot and gave the whole thing a shitload of water. The plan is that the Ivy should replace the leaves and make the tree look alive again.


I will keep you updated with pictures along the way.

On a more poker related note I just got busted out of a 10000$ tourney with A10. I raised preflop and did not hit the flop. My opponent checked and I made a continuation all in bet. He called of course having hit the flop…..sneaky bugger.





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