Gus Hansen Losing Streak

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How bad can it get when playing online poker? If you ask Gus Hansen some days do not bring in bread and butter.

Gus was playing 15.5 hours straight at a Full Tilt Table, and stopped after losing a total of $796.000. The game played was Limit Omaha Hi/Lo with $2000/$4000 limits. Gus played a total of 1168 hands.

Patrick Antonius took a great deal of the winnings by going plus $476.000 over 674 hands.

Is the lesson that you should stop playing when you are on a losing steak? No, you should after my opinion only stop playing if you change your game to the negative. That is by going away from your A-game. I do this myself, if I am down 3 or more buyins I have a tendency to accept going all in preflop with cards like JJ and QQ in situations were my opponents show great strenght. Therefore make sure you know your own limitations regarding this issue.

Michael 6th August.

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4 Comments to Gus Hansen Losing Streak

Gus Hansen will return
May 29, 2009

If you go all-in preflop you need to have your balance at a high level. Although I think it is stupid.

What you need is to get yourself an image at the table. Learn yourself to become a tight-aggressive poker player like Gus Hansen but pick your tables. If you are feeling great about turning yourself into a tight-aggressive player I’ve got some hints for you:

1: Avoid tables with tight-aggressive players. They will beat you by experience. Search for tables with other poker images.
2: Become master of the check-raise strategy. It will help you in the long run.

May 29, 2009


Thanks for you comment!

Do you think tight-aggressive is the best strategy to beat poker cash tables?

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June 6, 2009

I think it is a good idea to stop playing when you are loosing. If not because you begin to play worse (most people do), then because your opponents start to see you differently.

If your bluffs are being picked off and you are just generally getting your money in bad, odds are that the other players will become slightly more likely to call you down lighter and/or run big bluffs and in general be more confident when playing against you, which is essentially bad.

Jake’s last blog post..Poker Datamining.NET

June 6, 2009

Hi Jake

I agree. I think very few people can maintain their A game when they are on a loosing streak.

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