How to Make Money When It Comes To Gaming

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Jeffrey | Poker Strategy

With online casinos and real-money online gaming growing in popularity, making money online is more fun than ever… When you win. Making money off of gaming can be a notoriously difficult, but addictive process that people are falling into every day. While we’re not telling you to look into financial betting odds or the ins-and-outs of house betting odds, a little research and a few of the tips below can help making money in online gaming a more successful and fruitful process.

Stop Gambling!
By this, we don’t necessarily mean stop playing casino games. A lot of games, online or in-house are mostly or entirely down to luck, but you can still be smart about your bets and gambles. Don’t join a poker table with players of a higher skill level than you, don’t bet on roulette squares if you’re short on money and are notoriously unlucky against the wheel, and don’t join a game that you don’t know how to play. Stick to what you know and what you find fun.

Be disciplined
This is extremely important if you know you’re the type to over-gamble. If you only have £20 to spend, then only take £20. Leave your card and any cash you can’t afford to spend at home, and once you’re out of money, leave. If you start to bring in wins, be realistic. You can lose what you’ve won faster than you can win it, and it’s important to keep track of what you’re spending and what you’re winning. If you’ve been sitting at a poker table and haven’t won or broken even since you started twenty minutes ago, then stand up and walk away. As thrilling as risk-taking can be, it can also be your downfall.

Make your number 1 rule be to ‘have fun’
Once you stop having fun, it’s time to stop playing. Losing money is a horrible feeling if you aren’t winning anything back and as tempting as it might be to spend the last of your money on that last, final game, stepping back will be more beneficial to you. Gaming is supposed to be fun, and as soon as it reaches a point in which it’s not, it’s definitely time to stop.

Make the most of bonuses
Most, if not all, online gaming sites will offer you some kind of welcome bonus. Take full advantage of this as much as you can, and use it to enjoy yourself. If using £10 worth of bets or gambles will get you another £50 in bonus, it can be worth joining and betting just for the extra money. Most sites will make it so that you can only use that money on their site, but that £50 can bring you in even more if you play the right games and place the right bets.

Know when to quit.
All in all, knowing when to quit will be your best skill when it comes to making and keeping money while you’re gaming online. If you aren’t winning, step back, and if you are winning, also step back when you reach a certain point. Set yourself a goal – if you reach that goal, then stop and enjoy your winnings, and if you don’t, make sure you don’t spend any more than you can afford to, or intended to spend.

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