It happens to the best of us

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Submitted by Dungbeetle, this article belongs to the Poker Tournament series.

I find consolation in the fact that other and better tournament players also experience unbelievable misfortune. On a positive note it looks like Dungbeetle’s 2009 results are coming around.


Just remembered why online tournaments are one of the most frustrating inventions in history. I was flying in the Pokerstars $50 rebuy, being chip leader from about 100 runners out till about 30 left. With 15 left I had dropped back a bit to 4th spot, but all players had huge stacks capable of hurting each other. 250+ runners, with 9grand for first spot and then this happens…..

I have been active, surprise surprise, and have been consistently taking down small pots. I find KK on the button – perfect. I raise 15k of my 150k stack, and the big blind shoves for 70k with KQ. I obviously snap call, and am in the best shape possible.

First card is a King :) ……10…….J…….5……..ACE. :(

After this hand I am dumped to about 3rd last. I keep fighting, but on the final table bubble shove AQ over an early raiser for my 100k stack. He calls with JJ and I get no help.

So annoying…..I win about $800, leaving me with a modest profit for the evening.

It’s so important getting to the big prizes – even 6th was 2k or something. I hate spending 5 hours and getting rogered like that.

Next time perhaps, if I can summon any motivation to play them again :(

P&L GBP 2009
Live Tournaments (230)
Live Cash 1268
Online Tournaments (967)
Online Cash (250)
Poker Festivals (675)
Rake (591)
Total (1,445)
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3 Comments to It happens to the best of us

Conrad T. Gates
March 11, 2009

This is typical in poker. The shorter the time frame, the more luck contributes. So if you just look at one hand such as KK vs KQo, you are a favorite at 91%, meaning you will lose roughly one hand every 11 hands. So this is not a real surprise, is it?
Typically if you reached such late stage in the tournament, either you have had a very good run of good cards and or you have given coolers or bad beats to others. But these are not remembered as vividly. lol.

March 11, 2009

Eventhough it shouldn’t come as a surprise, it still sucks:-)

Mark’s last blog post..U.S. Waves the Hoover Flag

Conrad T. Gates
March 11, 2009

There is nothing I could agree with more.

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