Live poker cash games mixed with drinking is a cocktail doomed for disaster:-)

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Submitted by Dungbeetle, this article belongs to the Poker and Life series.

 Dungbeetle has had a rocky start to 2009 mostly due to losses in live cash games. Hopefully he will turn things around now that he’s focusing only on tournaments for the time being.   

In 5 of my last 6 cash sessions the format has been the same – make steady profit for the first few hours when sober, before drinking compulsively and ending up a few hundred down.

For some reason my brain has inextricably linked heavy live cash sessions, with even heavier drinking sessions. This has become such an issue now that I am going to have to forego live cash play, at least in the medium term until I can get to the bottom of it. For some reason I don’t have the same issue with live tournaments, nor online cash. I am going to try and explore the reasons for this, but it seems the changing dynamic of tournaments and the multi tabling aspect of online, seem to peak my interest enough to stop me getting wasted.

The plan for Saturday had been to play a dealer’s choice game at the Loose Cannon before heading to the International for the £100 tournament. This never happened – myself and a couple of other players were tired, so we just holed up at the Cannon until we were kicked out at 10pm, before heading to Tom’s apartment for a marathon cash game.

The Dealer’s Choice game was great fun – Razz, Omaha8, 2-7 triple draw, Iron Cross, Stud, River of Blood, Reverse Iron Cross and 6 card Omaha all got a run out. By the close I was £250 to the good, but then 6 of us moved to Tom’s and the wheels fell off.

A steady stream of wine and vodka later I was £300 down, and heading home. Apparently I played a large Omaha pot, but I don’t even remember the hand so I can’t fill you in on the details and I’d suggest I didn’t play it particularly well.

So, just tournaments for me from now on, at least in the medium term. Hopefully I can figure out what is going on in my head, as I’d be a pretty tidy cash player if there wasn’t a loony at the controls.

News in of the big Omaha hand I played (of which I still have no memory). I held A9xx on a Q99 flop. Opponent holds QQ9x lol. Money went in on the flop, but turn was an Ace so I guess all the money goes in on the turn anyway. I didn’t even have the case 9 as an out – needed running Aces :( At least I didn’t bluff my stack away, which is something I guess.

P&L GBP 2009
Live Tournaments 30
Live Cash (600)
Online Tournaments 0
Online Cash 202
Poker Festivals 0
Rake (10)

Total (378)

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1 Comment to Live poker cash games mixed with drinking is a cocktail doomed for disaster:-)

January 18, 2009

Hi Dungbeetle

I bet you had fun though playing those live games, despite losing 4 of your allowed 14 150£ live cash game buyins for 2009….

Mark’s last blog post..Do you have a gambling addiction?

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