4 Reasons to Use Apps for Bankroll Management

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Jeffrey | Poker Strategy

Whether you’re a cash game or a tournament player, seeing your progress at the tables can be very rewarding. On the other hand, many poker players are totally in the dark about their monthly or yearly results. This doesn’t have to be the case though: Installing a bankroll management app on your phone allows you to follow exactly how much any game brings you.

In this quick article, we’ll explain four important reasons to use apps like Poker Stack to track your bankroll. Let’s dive into it right away!

Keeping track of your bankroll is easy & free with apps
Ever wondered how much you won or lost last month, having no clue about it? Even if you keep an excel spreadsheet for tracking your bankroll, remembering the exact amount of buy-ins and winnings for each session is a lot of work that you could avoid.

Once you have a poker bankroll management app installed on your smartphone, tracking your sessions and bankroll becomes a piece of cake. Just log the buy-ins during your session and the finishing stack size once you call it day – tracking your bankroll couldn’t possibly get any easier than this!

You can follow your results & stats in a precise way
Having an app gives you many advantages that manual tracking with a pen lacks. For example, you can see hourly win-rates for any specific weekday and game format. You might discover that you’re a steady winner at Hold’em but just breaking even in Omaha!

Discovering trends like this can be priceless for a poker player. No more need to make educated guesses about how big a percentage of your sessions are winning ones – you can just open the app and find it out in a few clicks!

Treating your poker bankroll like an investment
Any money you put aside for playing poker should be only reserved for playing. You’re expecting to make something off this investment – or at least to have fun while playing and not playing over your limits.

The key point of keeping track of your bankroll is to always be strict with how much you can afford to lose. You wouldn’t invest more than you can afford to lose in stocks either! When you think of your bankroll as an investment, you make better decisions at the tables as well.

Always play stakes that are within your bankroll
Even if you’re mostly playing freerolls or small tournaments, keeping track of your bankroll with an app helps you notice immediately if your bankroll has shrunk too low for your current level. If you step outside the stakes that are within your bankroll, your risk losing it all in a quick manner.

How do you know if your bankroll is enough for some specific stakes? For cash games, a safe number is +50 buy-ins for recreational players, and +100 buy-ins for professionals. For MTTs, having at least 150 buy-ins is recommended. If you play $11 tournaments online, for example, you should have a bankroll of at least $1650.

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