Tips and Tricks on Managing Your Bankroll

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Jeffrey | Poker Strategy

In my years as a poker player I have learned a great deal about what goes into creating and keeping a proper poker bankroll, and that is what I am going to share with you right here. For one thing, going broke is not the worst thing that can happen to you as a player –I have gone broke a couple of times, and in a lot of ways it creates a good awareness, and makes you re-examine the ways your play may be falling short. It is a point in time where you can check in, and identify where your playing problems are, and gives you a great idea how to start being a better poker player!

Setting Up Your Bankroll
All gamblers should have a limit in place, whether you are playing Texas Hold’em or the online pokies NZ offers, you need to know at all times how much you can afford to lose. These questions will help you find a total that works for you in terms of your online poker play.

What Style of Poker do You Want to Play?
If you want to play looser games, you need to account for more variance. If you wish to play straightforward games, then this is not something you need to think about.

How do You React to Emotional Distress?
Keep in mind when answering this question that there is an emotional price to pay when it comes to bankroll fluctuation. If you have given yourself a short bankroll you are far more likely to experience larger emotional swings throughout each playing session until your bankroll has reached an amount with which you feel more comfortable playing.

Other Bankroll Considerations to Keep in Mind
There is absolutely no excuse for huge losing sessions, and these will destroy your bankroll incredibly quickly. If you feel like you are sliding downwards with no wins in sight, rather switch to other types of games, such as those offered by Nintendo, where there is no temptation to spend any money! You need to find some sort of system to keep your losing streaks in check when you play a lot of online poker, and you can take ideas from a number of different sources in order to create one that works for you.

My one rule in order to check this is that I never lose more money in one session than I can win back in just a single session. For example, the largest amount of money I have ever won in a single poker session so far is $1500, which means that if at any point I reach that number in terms of money lost I know I am coming to the end of play.

What makes this a great way to keep your losing streaks in check is that the amount will change as your playing does –when you start doing better at your online poker games, you will be able to afford to lose a little more than you have been up until now. While we may be willing to risk a little more than 10% of our bankrolls on an amazing game, this should not be an excuse to go crazy and try and get back money we should never have been gambling with anyway!

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