An Intro to Poker Bankroll Management

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Jeffrey | Poker Strategy

Discounting a lack of card-playing skill, the number one reason that poker players go broke is due to an inability to manage their bankrolls. Pro players’ number one tip for how to get started playing the game more seriously, and more profitably, is proper bankroll management, which is all good and well, but something not all players understand. No amount of superstition or lucky charms will help you keep your bankroll in check, but these top tips will:

Your Bankroll Dictates the Stakes
The first step in practicing proper poker bankroll management involves the recognition of the fact that the stakes for which you are playing is always dictated by the amount of money you have in your bankroll.

Tip 1: Your Poker Bankroll is for Poker Only
Let me get one thing straight from the outset: the only money that should be used to make up your poker bankroll is that which you can afford to lose. Think of it in the same way as you would the kind of no Deposit Casino Bonus Canada makes available to players: it is extra money that does not affect your ability to pay for the things you need to. This is the golden rule of profitable play. If you have a $1000 bankroll, but will need $700 of that at the end of the month in order to pay your rent, you do not have a $1000 bankroll. You have a $300 one!

Tip 2: Your Bankroll Should Allow You to Play Your Best Game
Another very important consideration is if the poker bankroll you are currently playing with is the only one you will ever have. By that, what I mean is, if you were to lose that money, would you have to take a break from poker, or could you load another bankroll onto your account?

If losing your $300 is not the end of the world, then go forth and play your best poker game. But, if losing that money will affect your ability to play, then you will need to be more cautious with how you spend it, and this will affect the games you get into.

One of the purposes of the bankroll is to act as a cushion for when we lose, which will happen to all players at one point or another. If you join an online table at a $0.10/$0.25 with just $25 in your bankroll, then the loss of one buy-in will mean that you are out of the game. Having several $25 buy-ins, however, will mean that you are able to stay in the game if you lose one round and can try and win your money back because of the cushion you have in place.

Tip 3: Let Your Bankroll Dictate Your Game Selection
The size of your poker bankroll should depend on many different factors. These will include the format of your game, your style of playing, and your tolerance for good and bad swings. A good review of your preferences when playing is vital to establish what your ideal bankroll is, and taking care in deciding this before you get into a game will vastly improve your chances of exiting one with a profit!

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