The Importance of Poker Bankroll Management

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Firstly, let me introduce myself. My name is William and I run a poker blog called Willy C’s Poker Blog. I will be writing weekly on PokerBankrollBlog on thursdays, I hope you enjoy my posts!

The Importance of Poker Bankroll Management

One of the most important aspects of being a successful poker player, (apart from being good at poker obviously), is having good poker bankroll management skills. This part of poker is largely over-looked by a lot of poker players, and the simple fact is, if you are good at poker, then there is a higher chance that you will not be as successful as you could be unless you take care to play in the correct games.

So what are the guidelines for good bankroll management?
Personally, as a guide I only like to play with 5% of my bankroll at any time. This rule applies to both cash and tournaments. (You will find from most other players that 5% is the normal amount, some however are even stricter and use a 2% or even 1% rule!).

Cash Games:
If you are playing $0.05/$0.10 NL cash games, then you want to have at least $10 (100 x Big Blind) on the table. This means that you must have about $200 (20 x $10) in your bankroll if you follow the 5% rule.

With a bankroll of $200, this will allow you to play in $10 tournaments.

Whats the point in being so strict with the bankroll?
Well this is an easy answer! If you have $200 in your bankroll, you could obviously play in a $200 tournament. But if you get knocked out without making the money, then boom, your down to $0. If however, you only play in the $10 tournaments with a $200 bankroll, it will be quite hard to go to $0 because you would in effect, have to lose 20 (or more) games in a row!

When to move up/down the stakes?
Just stick to the percentages as a guide for which games to play at! If you are playing tournaments, then usually, the next level up from $10 is $20. So going on the 5% rule, this means you can comfortably move up once you have got to $400.

The 5% rule works a treat for making sure you don’t go broke as well. If your bankroll happens to drop from $200 to $100, then just move down to the $5 games until you get back to $200. (It is VERY important to stick to this rule because if you do lose half the bankroll in the current level, then chances are, you might not be ready for that level).

This ‘5% rule’ just makes playing poker boring!
I’ll answer that statement with a question:

Maybe it does, but what is more satisfying, having a steadily growing bankroll or just going broke all the time?

Poker success is determined on how much you have won/loss over periods of months/years, not hours.

I hope you enjoyed reading my first post on the PokerBankrollBlog, see you next week! Don’t forget to check out Willy C’s Poker Blog!

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1 Comment to The Importance of Poker Bankroll Management

August 28, 2008

Hi William
Great post! What are your thoughts on playing a short stack strategy combined with sound bankroll management?

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