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Anders | Poker and Life

Our two current main projects namely poker bankroll building and world online sports bookmakers are now up and running as we envisioned and the start up problems have been eliminated. We are now entering the phase for search engine optimization (SEO) where especially WOSB with lots of content and more than 1.000 web pages stands strong. We have hired a programmer full time the next month to exclusively do search engine optimisation on WOSB and PokerBankrollBlog. I think these pages are going to get huge amount of traffic from the search engines due to massive content at the pages.

Us behind the scene have decided to develop our SEO skills and become mini SEO experts instead of outsourcing the task to an external part. This decision has been made due to several reasons. We are going to launch a number of big websites in the next couple of years in addition to those we have now – where SEO for each page will be a critical common element. With our background at the university we have (hopefullyJ) learnt to study a large amount of information quite fast – which makes it possible to go efficiently into depth in a new field without spending unnecessary time. And finally the theory behind SEO is constantly changing so SEO for each website would be an ongoing development instead of just a onetime optimization.

— Join the Poker Bankroll building community on the PokerBRB forum and get support and useful hints from other bankroll building poker players.

— Get a PokerBRB rakeback deal to maximize your revenues.

Hope you are as exited as I am with the future of these projects – so stay tuned at PokerBankrollBlog for news J

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