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Anders | Poker and Life

It’s all business and hard work here in Malta these days with projects from early morning to late evening. The hours just go by in an instant one day after the other with our minds focused on WOSB and PokerBRB.

Don’t get me wrong – its not that we feel burdened spending all the hours on the projects; it’s something we want to do because we find it very exiting. I think both of us have great visions about this Malta-project and we can’t really wait to get to where we are heading. But the hard work day after day comes at a cost. The body is drained of energy – then the intensity of our work starts to decrease and it ends up with no surplus of energy which is detrimental to the management of big projects like these.

Last Saturday we therefore took the decision to have a WHOLE day off to recharge our batteries… :-). No computers and Internet for the whole day – just relax. Excellent decision – though we couldn’t help ourselves talking about and but the conversation was centered on the broader perspective where visions and strategies were discussed in a relaxing atmosphere. I think we will take these breaks on a more regular basis from now on.

So, it was time to have fun where the new WOSB game was invented. We have this loved and valued WOSB ball – which can entertain to a degree which is very difficult to understand. It is possible to hit what you aim for due to the ball being firm enough and still, due to the softness of the ball, it is possible to throw it through the apartment with all your power without destroying anything :-). Oh well….a lamp was destroyed – but it was not due to the WOSB ball – more my acrobatic blockage of a shot from Michael which ricocheted of a glass lamp resulting in shards of glass all over the floor…sounds dramatic :-). But the only one injured was the lamp so the WOSB game continues. What exactly the WOSB game is about will be up for later – when the details of the game are set.

Okay this might start to sound like some sort of Island disease when a ball can lift your day so its worth mentioning in a blog – and I won’t deny that may be the case – but I tell you…..the WOSB ball is brilliant :-).

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