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Anders | Poker and Life

So we are enjoying the summer in Malta with non-stop sun everyday. There hasn’t been a cloud on the sky for the last month or two :-) . It is perfect.

Regarding the website projects for poker bankroll building and WOSB the focus has been more on a strategic level. For pokerbrb we are focusing on some of the future cornerstones for the site – that will bring value to the users. It’s a complicated decision process as many elements need to be taken into consideration such as potential traffic, time horizon, competitors, potential for bringing in an income and last how our competences and resources match the different ideas.

For WOSB the situation is a bit different. There the cornerstone or basis for the site is about to be finished. Here the focus is on how we can use WOSB as it is now to create most value for the users. This is actually quite fun because there are so many different ways to go that would be awesome if we realise the ideas. But all can not be made at once so we have to focus on which option has the greatest potential compared to the implementation time and were the greatest synergy between WOSB is.

Well I leave it with that – I’m going to the beach now and continue with my big strategic thoughts :-)

See ya

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