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Anders | Poker and Life

So the official Powerboat P1 race has started in Malta which for us means a sound in our apartment much like a Harley driving through our living room at full throttle from Friday morning to Sunday afternoon…..not the perfect condition to work in if you add the noise of a loud speaker down the street playing Maltese music all day. The funny thing is that you get used to it as if it is the most normal thing in the world.

Regarding our projects and we get more and more involved in it. Lately it has become something like an addiction – like a good computer game you can just play for hours as time goes by. It’s like the old classic computer game Pizza tycoon where you can do all kind of things to make your product better and get customers to come and eat your pizza…..maybe not exactly the same :-) But I love these kinds of games where you build something up from scratch and continuously have to choose which area to upgrade next to get the best result.

During the day we take a couple of hours off, go down to a cafe at the seafront and discuss and evaluate our next move, what generates most traffic and what creates most value for the users of our websites – cool to have it as job :-)

My next move will be going to the kitchen to make a sandwich….see ya

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