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Anders | Poker and Life

So a little update from Malta. As you may know we have committed ourselves to different projects by moving to Malta and starting a business. Until now it has resulted in PokerBankrollBlog, PokerBRB and WOSB. But we can’t keep working on those projects 24/7 so I have decided to socialise a bit more. This can be done in many ways – and the obvious would be to get drunk, go party and meet new people down here in Paceville – a street with disco’s and bars partying every day of the week.

But lately I have chosen a different path – which is salsa ;). Okay it may not sound so masculine and many of my friends tend to agree with this – but when you think about it is quite to the contrary – there are lots and lots of girls, you will normally get to dance with 10 girls each night (NOT MEN) and the majority of the people there are English language students for 3 weeks and therefore more open to new people.

Now I have been for this beginner class a number of times and I am starting to know the basics very well so I thought why not get good at it. So I decided to go for this advanced class yesterday and see what happens – it can’t be that difficult I thought….but it was. When I came up there people where doing crazy dance stuff so I backed off a bit. But the teacher kept shouting “If you never jump in the water you will never learn to swim”….which sounds true though I have never learned to swim actually – but that’s a different story.

So I decided to jump in the water and started dancing with this experienced lady in the 40’s. And damn it was difficult – the teacher just kept adding new moves to the routine. And it didn’t help that the teacher – which was a big black man from Jamaica – was a bit intimidating and that he had no problem shouting in your face when you did something wrong. But actually we got the hang of it in the end and I can now call myself advanced salsa student…..if that is something to be proud of.

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