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Anders | Poker and Life

So the PokerBRB team is gathered in Malta for the next couple of weeks. It is meant to be a vacation but we probably can’t avoid turning the subject in to our projects Poker Bankroll Builder and this blog.

It started great when Mark was so kind to invite us on a big expensive fishing trip by spending some of his poker winnings. Like us he was really fired up for this trip and couldn’t wait for the day to come.

The day was good at least for some of us. Mark had a good start by catching a 5-6 kg Albacore Tuna and was really on fire – but then he turned his attention to new records for some reason…….he started getting really sick due to the rocking boat. Mark managed to break the unofficial record of largest number of pukes on a single fishing trip – the record is now set at the number of 20 J……congrats to you Mark J.

We continued fishing with great success and ended up catching a total of 6 Albacore Tuna between 5 and 8 kg….really amazing. Here I think it’s worth giving a special thanks to Mark’s continuous effort to lure the fish to the boat by feeding them directly from the railing J J J. It wouldn’t have worked without you.

In the end we all had a nice trip and it was great fun. Including Mark – though you might be able to think of other ways to spend your poker winnings than a long session of sea sickness J. Well…we are grateful for the trip and the whole experience.

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