Online Poker in New Zealand – How will it be in 2020

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Jeffrey | Poker Strategy

Many have speculated that online gambling will either become fully regulated or fully outlawed.

The reality is not that simple with lone states legalizing online gambling on their own meaning that while one can become an online poker pro in one US state, it would be illegal for him in another.

People are predicting that the online poker scene in US has potential to become even as high as 100x bigger than it is now.
That is an insane amount of money being gambled online, but the numbers check out.

While the online poker scene in the US regularly make headlines, there are very few casual online poker players compared to other countries.

Casual online poker and casino players
Online poker is an extremely popular card game in most online casinos for a variety of reasons.

Poker has always been portrayed as a game of skill combined with luck and has historically been romanticized in movies and pop culture.
We usually use this NZ guide called Zamsino to find new casinos in 2020.

However, it has also been portrayed as something bad guys, criminals and prison inmates do. This sentiment could possibly scare away a lot of the Christian population in the United States.

Furthering my point, religion has been a huge factor of why religious people refused to gamble.

The good news in this regard is that the number of religious people in the US is decreasing faster than ever and by 2030 the number of atheists or non-believers will outnumber religious people.

Virtual poker
Many poker players prefer to play in real life instead of online where they cannot see their opponents. This is for several reasons.

One of them is the ability to see if your opponent is bluffing or not. It is a huge part of poker and with people hiding behind a screen, you don’t have anything to go off.

The god news is that VR poker is being heavily invested in.

Progress is constantly being made within VR technology and consumers can expect to play VR poker that is indistinguishable from reality within 10 years.

While the core poker game hasn’t really changed since its beginnings, new game variations have never been as prevalent as now.

If you love online poker, then now truly is the best time to have fun and to explore the online gaming world.

There currently are VR poker available to consumers but you will be playing against player characters, rather than their actual faces. AR poker is the next big thing to look out for.


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