US Gambling Explosion with Online Legislation is a Safe Bet

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Jeffrey | Poker Strategy

The most recent online gambling conflict in Australia involved major gambling operators Bet365, Ladbrokes and William Hill. In-play sports wagering is prohibited online and via mobile phones; however all three companies had introduced mobile products that they believed fit through a loophole in Aussie legislation only to subsequently withdraw those products once they caught the attention of the media. With that said, Australians like to gamble whether online or off and based on the research conducted by a London company, Aussie punters were at the top of the heap in 2014 in terms of gambling losses per adult.

America came in third on the list but it’s an interesting thought if you consider that online gambling is illegal in all but three states. On the other hand Aussies have access to the pokies in the traditional and virtual sense.

We already know that land based casinos are big business in America with the availability of major gambling meccas like Las Vegas and Atlantic City, not to mention the growing number of casinos that have popped up in surrounding states. The majority of gamblers in the US have casinos right outside their back doors and, as a whole, have managed to lose $705 per adult in 2014 with Australians, with online gambling within their grasp, are sitting on losses of $1,279 each. These numbers are not so far off so you have to wonder if the US number would sky rocket upon the introduction of online gambling legislation and regulation across all states.

The latest rage in America is the gambling café. Although these have been available in states such as Nevada, states like Illinois have recently introduced them. They have a small number of gaming machines in them but players seem to enjoy a more relaxed environment as compared to a traditional casino with hundreds or even thousands of machines. These cafes offer the convenience factor and nothing tops the convenience of enjoying your favorite slot, video poker or table game from the comfort of your very own home.

Opening up the online gambling market in the United States would have its effects on the facts and figures of research companies everywhere. Not only would online gambling appeal to avid gamblers but its reach would extend to gambling newbies, social gamers interested in real money games and it would give those with physical limitations the opportunity to join in on the action with ease.

There’s no doubt that Americans are getting their gamble on so expecting an explosion with internet gambling legislation is a safe bet.

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