Poker Bankroll Skills – Positive Thinking

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The next skill to look at in the series of Poker Bankroll Management Skills will be positive thinking. The concept positive thinking can be described in many different ways. My favorite definition of positive thinking is:

….a manner of thinking that puts emphasis on processing thoughts in a more desirable and upbeat way…

Positive thinking could also be explained as constructive thinking resulting in a focus on what you want instead of a focus on what you don’t want. You are not into Bankroll Management to avoid losing streaks. You are into Bankroll Management to increase your bankroll in every way possible. Don’t put your focus and energy into bad beats and things that are not working as you will gain nothing positive from doing so. Instead you need to focus on what works in order to earn money.

Why is Positive Thinking important?

There is more to positive thinking than putting your thoughts in a more desirable and upbeat way. There is a mechanism in the brain called the Reticular Activating System (RAS) which sounds complicated but it’s function is quite easy to understand. It is a function that consciously helps to decide which elements to put attention in to. It is only possible to focus on a number of elements at the time so the brain has to prioritize in order to give attention to the most important ones.

So when you focus on bad beats and things that are not working – nothing that helps you will come in to your mind. Instead, by focusing on the best way build your bankroll or how to play a hand the best way – new options and possibilities will present themselves.

How is it developed?

Actually it is not that easy to change the way you think. Many of the thoughts work like habits where you tend to think the way you thought previously in a similar situation. Furthermore it actually feels good sometimes to let out some steam and complain about the bad luck – despite the fantastic play.

One way to change the way you think is by going on a 10 day poker diet. The next 10 days of playing poker you are not allowed to dwell on thoughts that are not constructive. That is, when you catch yourself with a thought that is comsuming resources instead of generating resources you have to change your mindset. You can do this by asking yourself how your poker game can improve from the situation at hand or what kind of experiences you will have gained.

The rule is if you dwell on a negative thought, you have to start all over on the 10 day poker diet.

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