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Submitted by Matt Gai this article belongs to the Poker Project series

Free web-based service for turning your home poker game into an enterprising partnership with your friends

This article explains the history, features and strategy behind

The idea was spawned as my friend and I were talking during a car ride down to Atlantic City for a poker tournament over a year ago. He said to me, “We should get everyone in our home game to pool our money together so we can play in big tournaments like a World Poker Tour (WPT) Championship and the World Series of Poker (WSOP) Main Event!” That was all it took to get the wheels spinning.

The very next week I drafted up the concept on paper so all of the home game players could get on the same page. I laid it out for everyone. Our team goal was to put together enough money for one $10,000 buyin to the WSOP Main Event for one of us, plus $1,000 for 1 Main Event Satellite buyin for a second player, plus $2,000 for travel, food and lodging expenses for both. $13,000 in all.

In order to reach our goal, we were going to follow this plan…
Any profit made in our home game could be contributed to our team bankroll in exchange for an equal number of points. I would collect the money from each player and record an equal number of points on paper (e.g. $82 profit contributed = 82 points recorded). I then put the money in a savings account that I set up just for this. We did this every week – and we still do. Anyway, every week, profits are contributed and points are given. And it adds up quickly!

The idea is, when we reach our goal, whoever has the most points will take $11,000 from the bankroll and use it to travel to Las Vegas to play in in the World Series of Poker Main Event, poker’s most prestigious tournament. Our team member with the 2nd most number of points will take $2,000 from the bankroll, travel to Las Vegas and play in a satellite tournament to try to win a seat in the Main Event. If that player wins a seat, then the team will have 2 players in the Main Event, thereby doubling our chances of cashing.

Here’s the best part, and you may have guessed it already, but, if either player cashes any money in the Main Event, everyone who contributed to the team bankroll will be paid out according to their percentage of contributions. For example, if the point leader, who contributed $3,500 in profits to the team bankroll, which is 27% of $13,000, cashes $100,000 in the tournament, he or she wins $27,000. The rest is paid out accordingly.

What this means is that everyone has a shot to win big money, regardless of how much you contribute. Take this hypothetical example: Player B has the least amount of points contributed (130), which translates to a 1% share in the bankroll. If the point leader wins the WSOP Main Event and cashes $10 million, player B wins $100,000. Not bad for a $130 investment!

So here’s where the web site comes in. I got tired of recording everything on paper, and so, being a webmaster, I decided that the best way to keep track of all of our activity would be online. That way, everything got recorded safe and sound, anyone on the team could easily check their statistics at any time, and everyone would always know where they stood with respect to the goal. We started recording and tracking every single buyin, cashout and contribution for every weekly home game on the website.

From there I starting adding features like a message board, photos, avatars, event selection, goal management, team management, emailing and more. It became so useful and so integral to our team that I decided to put it out there for the entire world to use.

Now anyone can create a private team on and use it to turn their home game into a big tournament team effort – and transform their home game players into poker super stars – all for free. Good luck!

Post by Matt.

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6 Comments to Poker Team Bankroll

March 5, 2009

I like your concept and I’m looking forward to reading your updates.
Is the homegame scene big in the US (assume that’s where you’re from)

Mark’s last blog post..Online poker tournament statistics: player exit percentage

Matt Gai
March 6, 2009

Yes I am from the US – NY actually – and yes, the home game is definitely big here in NY as well as the rest of the country. It seems that a considerable amount of home game players have been looking for a way to do this – or have tried unsuccessfully. Well, this is the solution they’ve been looking for.

Regardless of how small or big the home game scene is in your area, this is going to create an influx of home game players to major poker tournament events everywhere. As a result, many more “Chris Moneymakers” will be exploding onto the poker scene and people are going to say, “Where the hell did that guy come from?” – and the answer will be Poker Team Bankroll.

March 6, 2009

The homegame scene isn’t that big in Denmark…guess it’s because we are allowed to play online.
Nice sales pitch by the way:-)

Mark’s last blog post..Online poker tournament statistics: player exit percentage

Matt Gai
March 6, 2009

Denmark huh? My last name is Danish – my grandfather came from Denmark. Anyway, we play online here too, but it’s not the same as playing with real people at home or otherwise. People that only play online miss out on that face-to-face interaction that you get at home games and live tournaments. Aside from the social aspect, it’s essential to practice being in that situation in order to be able to read physical tells as well as control your own. That’s why the home game is important even if you can play online.

However, if you don’t have a home game, but you do have friends (hopefully), you can still employ my concept and website if you all coordinate and play a private game together online. Doing it that way is like having a home game… except you’re each in your own home… and you have no idea where the game is actually hosted. Ha ha.

And thx, yeah I thought my sales pitch in my last comment was really pretty excellent.

March 7, 2009

Hi Matt

Hmm kind of contradictory that you start out by saying that the face to face interaction is an essential part of the homegame and then end up by stating that coordinating an online game through your webpage is just like having a home game:-)
I’ll let it go because you are part Danish and passionate about your

Mark’s last blog post..Online poker tournament statistics: player exit percentage

March 7, 2009

I think this concept is amazing! Its a great for many reasons, such as a nice vibe in a frinedly game yet at the same time keeping your edge in your game improving as well as a great way to find ways to pay your way somewhat indirectly into bigger tourneys, even the WSOP main event! I love it!


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